ISBN 978-1-4092-9382-8   15.15

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A collection of forty stories offering readers an intellectual and emotional playground, the only linking theme is the human ego and frailty

The characters display love, cynicism, generosity and selfishness, hope and despair, but above all humour, from the gentle to sardonic, with forays into boisterousness

You will empathise with some and despise others, but you will believe in them all

The action takes place in rural England and urban France, in the cab of a bus and the depths of a coal mine

If God exists, mankind's presence on this planet is evidence of his sense of humour

This book tells some of his best jokes:

A short story collection that provides an emotional helter-skelter, plunging from comedy to poignancy, then hack again, as it explores mankind's foibles

A perfect read for that long journey, or a wet afternoon:

It will lift your spirits