Hello Alan 
lot of water under lots of bridges, lots of other stuff too… but yes, it’s great to have our trans-global interconnections still ticking away in the background of our shared lives… here's a photo that might be of use to you, I'm seeing Susan over the festive days, so I'll show her your email and get back to you later... it’s been a dazzling white-knuckle ride of a year – thanks for sharing it with me (if only in virtual form), so as it winds down I’m sitting here counting the ways… walking through the Wakefield precinct, pausing to watch the buskers, as usual. Yes, some nice acoustic twiddling. When I was doing the college thing in Hull there was a guy who offers to teach me guitar. ‘Anyone can play guitar’ he says, scrunched up in a SU corner. And I did a bit, but not enough. Sometimes you wonder. Sometimes you sit here thinking, when your fancy is provoked by a ripple of guitar chords tripping down the alleyways across the precinct. Always been mesmerized by guitars and curly-leads in music-store windows like others get hung up on flash motors. But if I’d actually managed to achieve any degree of dexterity all those years back, there’s be a different story, an alternate time-stream, a parallel history in which I’m hanging around with musicians and playing in various failed group line-ups, a troubadour with dust on my boot-heels, rock ‘n’ roll I gave you all the best years of my life, always one step away from what was happening. And now I’d still be playing in bars with increasing desperation and wondering where it had all gone. As it is I never play guitar with any degree of competency. Never get to join any failed groups. I play typewriter/laptop keyboard instead. It doesn’t matter about looking cool or trendy, catching the youth-wave of passing fad, you just write this, then you write that, then you write something else. So long as there’s some kind of qwerty there you can still coin new lines for stories, new poems. As long as there’s scrap-paper to scrawl half-formed notes on, and revise them into shape. That’s all I need. There’s still magazines and websites out there that will, every now and again, pick up on them, and you get a ripple, each and every time it’s great and warm and rewarding. Alternate time-streams don’t necessarily work out too well. Maybe failing to master those three elusive chords wasn’t so bad. Yet I watch the buskers, and think yes, it’d be nice.
Enjoy A Festive Yule…
Look to The Future Now
It’s Only Just Begun…
Have A Christmas That’s Bigger
On The Inside Than It Is On The Outside