* From the collection "Is that You Mr Clooney?"
** From the collection "God's Laboratories"
*** From the collection "Let's Kill the Teacher"

A Distant Country ***
A Floor
A Friendship ***
A Good Report **
A Good Start
A Lovely Idea ***
A Nazi Helmet ***
A Rescue ***
A Sound Investment ***
A Victim ***
Adios Zapata ***
All You Need Is Love ***
Anatomy and Destiny
Anne Leakey's Rolls Royce ***
Any Old Afternoon ***
Beyond The Rubicon ***
Biological Rights
Birtwhistle And Beethoven Just Won't Do ***
Blue Carpet ***
Bramley And Trickson*
Castillos En Espana ***
Corned Beef Hash ***
Defeating Finney ***
Demobbed ***
Eh? **
Erotic Capital
Eunuchs Don't Have Babies
Ginger Snap **
Guilty **
Ice Cream Float **
Intelligent Design*
Is That You Mr. Clooney?*
Katie Jameson ***
Kim Regard's Complaint **
La Romance de Paris
Lapdancing In The Gulag*
Leggit's Legitimate Interest*
Let's Kill The Teacher ***
Linda Rosewall Is Dead*
Love and Friendship
Maddy Abercrombie's Clitoris **
Malcolm Lowry and the Beautiful Boy ***
Management ***
Moral Fibre
Mozzarella Pasta Penne ***
Mummy’s New Boyfriend ***
My Idea of Happiness **
Nos Amis Fideles
Nye Bevan is Dead, Dad ***
On Y Va **
Pedder's Plan*
Personal Best
Pleasing Carol*
Pure Poetry **
Riding Like Lance Armstrong
Runt **
Smallhart's Sums **
Somethin Bad*
Standards **
Subjective Evidence **
Talking To The Dead **
Thank God For America*
The Best Flapjack In The World*
The British Ambassador Meets Mussolini **
The Candidate **
The Far End Of The East Lancs Road*
The Judge **
The Likes of Us
The Man in the Mirror
The Northern Mistake
The Posh Girl And The Oik
The Price on His Head **
The Ruined Innocence of Johnny Colquhoun
The Seducer's Tricks*
The Stickler **
These Days*
Titbit **
What Happened?*
Worthless Lives **
Your Mum **