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Allen, Joseph Landscaping Alan Dent
Anderson, Jon Seeds of Fire Alan Dent
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Astley, Neil Being Alive Gloria Moreno-Castillo
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Astley, Neil Bloodaxe Poetry Introductions Alan Dent
Astley, Neil Bloodaxe Poetry Introductions 3 Alan Dent
Astley, Neil Soul Food Alan Dent
Atkinson, Ann Take Five Alan Dent
Austin, Annemarie Debatable Land  Alan Dent
Banner, Katherine Aerial Photograph Alan Dent
Bantock, Gavin Floating World Alan Dent
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Barlow, Mike Living on the Difference Alan Dent
Barlow, Mike Another Place Alan Dent
Baron, Alexander King Dido Alan Dent
Bartholemew-Biggs Take Five Alan Dent
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Blyth, Steven Baddy Mike Wilmer
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Borun-Jagodzinska Pocket Apocalypse Alan Dent
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Burns, Jim Take it Easy Alan Dent
Burns, Jim As Good a Reason as Any Alan Dent
Burns, Jim Confessions of an Old Believer Christopher Tate
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Caddy, David The Willy Poems Alan Dent
Cadwallender, Kevin Dances with Vowels Alan Dent
Callow, Philip Pastoral Alan Dent
Callow, Philip Passage from Home Alan Dent
Callow, Philip Fires in October Christopher Tate
Callow, Philip Lost Earth: A Life of Cezanne Christopher Tate
Carson, Malcolm Take Five Alan Dent
Carter Martin University of Hunger Alan Dent
Catullus Poems of Love and Hate Alan Dent
Champion, Ken But Black and White is Better Alan Dent
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Chaplin, Sid The Watchers and the Watched Alan Dent
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Copely, Jennifer Beans in Snow Alan Dent
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Croft, Andy Letter to Randall Swingler Alan Dent
Croft, Andy Comrade Laughter Alan Dent
Croft, Andy A Weapon In the Struggle: The Cultural History Of the Communist Party In Britain. Alan Dent
Croft, Andy Nowhere Special Alan Dent
Croft, Andy Ghost Writer Alan Dent
Croft, Andy Sticky Alan Dent
Crystal, David First Catch Your Hare Mark Robinson
Dalton, Armanda How to Disappear Mark Robinson
Daniel, John Missing the Boat Alan Dent
Daniels, Barbara The Cartographer Sleeps Alan Dent
Daniels, Peter Through the Bushes Alan Dent
Dawes, Kwame Map Maker Alan Dent
Debney, Jack The Crocodile’s Head Alan Dent
Dickenson, Josephine The Voice Alan Dent
Dimitrova, Kirstin A Visit to the Clockmaker Alan Dent
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Donaghy, Michael Conjure Alan Dent
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Dymoke, Sue The New Girls Alan Dent
Ehin, Andres Moose Beetle Swallow Alan Dent
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Fisher, Janet Women Who Dye Their Hair Mary Knight
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France, Angela Occupation Peter Day
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France, Linda Book of Days Alan Dent
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Gray, Martin Blues for Bird Jim Burns
Gray, Martin Blues for Bird Andrew Darlington
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Greening John Iceland Spar Alan Dent
Hadfield, Jen Almanacs Alan Dent
Harrison, John Shutdown Fortnight Alan Dent
Haslam, Jo The Sign for Water Alan Dent
Hattersley, Geoff On The Buses with Dostoyevsky Bill Hudson
Hayes, Martin Letting Loose the Hounds Alan Dent
Heine, Heinrich Germany: A Winter's Tale Alan Dent
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Herbert, WN Strong Words: Modern Poets on Modern Poetry Alan Dent
Herbert, WN Bad Shaman Blues Alan Dent
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Hilton, Jeremy Eathbound Alan Dent
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Kenny, Kathleen Hole Alan Dent
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Kirby, Angela Mr Irresistible Alan Dent
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Lazic, Radmilla A Wake for the Living Alan Dent
Lealman, Brenda Time You Left Alan Dent
Leblanc, Adrian Random Family Jeremy Hilton
Levene Philip Stranger to Nothing Alan Dent
Longley, Edna Bloodaxe Book of 20C Poetry Alan Dent
Lucas, John Ivor Gurney Alan Dent
Lucas, John On the Track Andy Croft
Lucas, John The Radical Twenties Alan Dent
Lucas, John Flute Music Alan Dent
Lucas, John Poetry-The Nottingham Collection Alan Dent
Lykiard, Alexis Skeleton Keys Alan Dent
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Lykiard, Alexis Jean Rhys Revisited Jay Burnett
Lykiard, Alexis Jean Rhys Afterwords Alan Dent
Lykiard, Alexis Judging by Disappearances Alan Dent
Lyons, John Voices from a Silk Cotton Tree Alan Dent
Mackinnon, Edward Wising Up Dressing Down Alan Dent
Mackinnon, Edward Killing Time in Arcadia Alan Dent
MacMurray, John Reason and Emotion Alan Dent
MacMurray, John The Self as Agent Alan Dent
MacMurray, John Persons in Relation Alan Dent
Maidment The Poorhouse Fugitives Andy Croft
Mangan, James Poems Alan Dent
Mannix, Aoife The Elephant in the Corner Alan Dent
Marber, Patrick Closer Alan Dent
Martin, Keith The Absolute Bottom Line Jeremy Worman
McDonagh, Martin The Beauty Queen of Leenane Stella Jonrose
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Mcpherson, Conor The Weir Stella Jonrose
McSloy, Peter For Jazz: 21 Sonnets John Dunton
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Mifsud, Immanuel Confidential Reports Alan Dent
Mills, Paul Dinosaur Point Alan Dent
Moore, Hubert Touching Down in Utopia Alan Dent
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Morrison, Alan Keir Hardie Street Alan Dent
Muhammad Ali, Taha So What Alan Dent
Murphy, Michael Allotments Alan Dent
Murphy. Michael The Collected George Garrett John Dunton
Murray, John John Dory Barbara Ellis
Murray, John Jazz Etc Jim Burns
Murray, John The Legend of Liz and Joe Alan Dent
Nagy, Agnes The Night of Akhenaton Alan Dent
Nimmo, Dorothy The Children's Game Alan Dent
Nimmo, Dorothy The Wig Box Alan Dent
Norgate, Stephanie Fireclay Alan Dent
North, Christopher A Mesh of Wires Mark Robinson
O'Reilly, Caitriona The Sea Cabinet Alan Dent
Parfitt, George Take Five Alan Dent
Park, William Surfacing Alan Dent
Parulskis, Sigitas The Towers Turned Red Alan Dent
Pogson, Patricia Holding Alan Dent
Porteous, Katrina Dunstanburgh Alan Dent
Povey, Malcolm Sedgemoor Alan Dent
Pow, Tom Transfusion Alan Dent
Rattenbury. Arnold Several Forms of Speech Alan Dent
Reading, Peter Ob Alan Dent
Reeve, FD The Blue Cat Walks the Earth Alan Dent
Reilly, JN Another Book to Burn Alan Dent
Rose, Jonathan The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes Alan Dent
Rothenburg Poems for the Millennium Jim Burns
Scott, Georgia The Penny Bride / The Good Wife Alan Dent
Searle, Chris Lightning of Your Eyes Alan Dent
Sharman, Ruth Birth of the Owl Butterflies Fran Payne
Sharp, Mike Incomers Alan Dent
Shepler, Michael Dark Room Elegies Alan Dent
Simpson, Matt In Deep Alan Dent
Smith, Catherine The Butcher's Hands Alan Dent
Smith, Joan Jobe The Pow-Wow Cafe Alan Dent
Smith, Ken You Again Alan Dent
Somer, Piotr Continued Alan Dent
Sorescu, Martin The Bridge Alan Dent
Spooner-Harvey, Niall Only Not Walking Alan Dent
Sprackland,Jean Tattoos for Mother's Day Alan Dent
Summers, Paul The Last Bus Andy Croft
Swann, Jenny Stay Alan Dent
Swann, Jenny Soft Landings Alan Dent
Syder, Diana Maxwell’s Rainbow Alan Dent
Taplin, Kim Goodfellow Alan Dent
Taplin, Kim Snow Buntings at Barton Point Alan Dent
Thomas, RS Collected Later Poems 1988-2000 Alan Dent
Thompson, Hunter Fear and Loathing in America Bill Broady
Thorpe, Adam Nine Lessons from the Dark Alan Dent
Tipton, Dave Family Chronicle Alan Dent
Tipton, David Medal for Malaya Jim Burns
Tolkein, Michael Reaching for a Stranger Alan Dent
Tucker, Eva Berlin Mosaic Alan Dent
Turnbull, Gael Transmutations Alan Dent
Turnbull, Gael Might a Shape of Words Alan Dent
Tyler-Bennett Take Five Alan Dent
Tyler-Bennett Pavilion Alan Dent
Underhill, Hugh Found Wanting Alan Dent
Upward, Edward The Coming Day Andy Croft
Utting, Susan Something Small Is Missing Mark Robinson
Vaptsarov, Nikola Kino Alan Dent
Voltska, Titania Cicada Alan Dent
Voss, Fred Maybe It's All true Marcelli Kapek
Voss, Fred Carnegie Hall with Tin Walls Alan Dent
Voss, Fred Hammers and Hearts of the Gods Alan Dent
Wantling, William Only in the Sun & The Fix Alan Dent
Watanabe. Jose Path Through the Canefields Christopher Tate
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Wilson, Mike Desperanto Alan Dent
Wintringham, Tom We're Going On Alan Dent
Worpole, Ken Staying Close to the River Alan Dent
Worpole, Ken Here Comes the Sun: Architecture & Public Space Alan Dent
Worpole, Ken Dockers and Detectives - Relaunch Ken Clay
Zammit, Abigail Voices from the Land of Trees Alan Dent
Zande, Jeff Vande Transient Ian Seed