PAPERBACK 6" X 9" 123pp  ISBN 970-1-326 -99667-3

‘This is transporting. What a wonderful whirlwind of a book. Its   quite an achievement. Terrifically atmospheric..’

Heathcote Williams

A poetic journal of a unique journey full of great observations and heartfelt human feelings..’                     

Pete Brown

Award winning Actor, Writer, Director, Teacher and International Times’ Co-ordinator David Erdos’ new book of poetry is the result of a week long residency at the sixth Babylon International Festival of Arts and Culture in March 2017.  David was widely acclaimed by both the public and the leading Arab poets, published in the leading Iraqi newspapers and a book of his poetry has already been commissioned for publication across Eqypt and Arabia.

Having never travelled to this troubled part of the world, the book details David’s internal and external experiences as he goes from initial dread to excitement at the prospect of visiting the supposed birthplace of not only civilisation but life itself. David spent the oncoming days, attending and appearing at the festival and capturing every facet of the spiritual and danger infused situation, in poetry. On his second day there, he met and fell in love with an award winning Persian Poetess and after walking along the banks of the Euphrates reading love poems she had inspired to her, the beginnings of an almost filmic romance occurred. These details give the book a unique appeal to avid readers of poetry and to those unaccustomed to it, as the narrative and sequential nature of events draw the reader in to one man’s humble journey of discovery and expectation.

The poet also forges connections with the master musicians Ahmed Mukhtar and Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde and the world reknowned academic and archeomusicologist, Professor Richard Dumbrill. In this way love, politics, culture, history, friendship, society, cuisine and even insect life are explored in poems that transport the reader and transcend their forms to speak to anyone concerned with both the minutiae and maximum that life can offer.

‘Out of his travel notebooks, six days of impressions come pouring into the pages of this book, a kind of fever-journal of dream and wonder, a sensual map of the heart, a baedecker of love..’                                                                       

                                                                                                                                                  Jeff Young

David Erdos is available for interviews and events. For further information, please contact David directly.     Tel: 07936248497  Email: david.erdos@sky.com