PAPERBACK 6" X 9" 145pp

ISBN 978-0-244-66375-9 published 2018

David Erdos is an actor, poet, playwright, director, critic, illustrator and lecturer with over 300 professional credits. His first book of poetry Easy Verses for Difficult Times (also published by Penniless Press) was a week long journal detailing a 2017 residency at the sixth Babylonian Festival of Arts and Culture. The Scar on the Cloud contains poems written over the last few years detailing the personal and public triumphs of the writer and the world around him.


David Erdos's poems have the rhetorical flourish of W.H. Auden and the rebellious spirit of Heathcote Williams. It is a combination to be cherished.  Proof can be found in every line of this invaluable book.. 

                                                    Jan Herman. 

Beautifully crafted and diverse, David Erdos has written a collection of poems that are alive with love, anger, longing, doubt, relevance and above all, passion. A rare thing. 

David Bramwell 


David Erdos assiduously pulls together each thread in the Great Chain of Being. His poems are terrific, atmospheric and far reaching and the reader soon learns that the writer is well informed on very many levels and that he's in safe hands for what proves to be a  rewarding, penetrating and often breath-taking ride.

                                                            Heathcote Williams

Intelligent, erudite, masterful, humanly, socially and politically aware, romantic, visceral; Erdos' sharp images allow the imagination new and different ways to see.


                                                              Geoff Francis


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