Paperback 6" x 9"  92pp Published September 2013

Told in the first person, this is not a conventional novel, the plot itself being minimal - though it has a beginning, middle and end - and carried along on the emotionally explicit narrative detailing the passion a man has for a younger woman. After a faltering, self-conscious start, he finally strikes up a relation­ship with her, during which we are taken further into the dependence she holds for him, while she in turn continues to remain out of reach despite the intimacy that develops between them. Eventually, in various twists and turns he finds increasingly hard to bear, she breaks off the relationship, leaving him distraught and on the verge of the emotional collapse alluded to in the opening paragraph of the piece, and which is again taken up in the concluding sentences that bring the story full circle.

I say that this is not a conventional novel, or novella, and by this I mean it has an edge, an existential slant and undercurrent running through it that separates it from the usual mainstream love story as such, being one of love and longing of an obsessional nature, as the title itself suggests.

Colin Huggett

This is a very interesting venture. It is a tenderly told story. I return it because I think others too should have a chance to read it. 

Melvyn Bragg 

The narrator’s stage-by-stage deepening involvement in his obsession is convincing…the detailed account of very delicate situations and sensitive emotions were accurately and sometimes movingly caught. These moments kept me reading because I did genuinely want to see how everything would turn out in the end! 

Alan Brownjohn