Nigel Ford

Paperback 6" X 9" 547 pp  - ISBN  978-1-913144-38-8  Published July 2022

Angel , an office clerk, drops her life and her job and wanders, ill-equipped and unadorned, out into the world. She covers the major and minor routes of Europe from the blasting heat of a Spanish beach in August to the inebriated high-jinks of Walpurgis Night in Scandinavia. Along the way she picks up a motley assortment of friends and acquaintances, several professions, obtains a driving licence for heavy vehicles, enters the kingdoms of IT and language schools, and maintains a colourful dialogue with her parents. 


Nigel Ford works fulltime as a translator (Swedish to English), writer and visual artist, he is British and lives in Sweden. His stories, artwork, poetry, short plays, flash fiction and essays appear regularly in literary magazines in USA, UK, Germany, Ireland and Norway.