Ken Clay (editor)

Format 6" x 9"  142pages

This reprint reduces the original 12 page 11.5" x17" format to a more manageable 6" x 9" 142 page paperback. The text has been rescanned to produce a readable 10pt Times New Roman font. The reprint includes an image of every page of the original magazine.


The Black Dwarf was a political and cultural newspaper published between May 1968 and 1972 by a collective of socialists in the United Kingdom. It is often identified with Tariq Ali who edited and published the newspaper until 1970, when the editorial board split between Leninist and non-Leninist currents.

The Leninists, including Ali and other members of the International Marxist Group, went on to found the Red Mole.

The Black Dwarf newspaper published a special edition in autumn 1968 devoted entirely to the Bolivian Diaries of Che Guevara, in a translation first published by Ramparts in the United States. It included an introduction by Fidel Castro. This edition appeared to be in response to a version of the diaries put out by "some publishers in league with those who murdered Che".

The editorial and production group included Ali, Clive Goodwin, Robin Fior, David Mercer, Mo Teitlebaum, Douglas Gill, Adrian Mitchell, Sheila Rowbotham Bob Rowthorn, D.A.N. Jones, Sean Thompson, Neil Lyndon, Roger Tyrrell and Fred Halliday.

Black Dwarf took its name from the 19th-century radical paper of that name which was first published in 1817.

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