Paperback 6" x 9" 262pp ISBN-978-1-4452-1981-3


Bob has contributed two stories to The Penniless Press - Laughing at the Blackshirts (issue 13) and Making Sense of War. (issue 14)
These and many others about working class life in Prestwich Manchester during World War 2 are now available in a 262 page paperback in 6" x 9" format.

Boris (Bob) Wild was born in the 1930s in Prestwich Manchester and grew up there on a council estate. On leaving secondary school aged 16 he took up an apprenticeship as a compositor in the printing industry. His National Service was spent in the RAMC where he became a sergeant instructor.
He worked as a journeyman compositor and had a two year period as a publicity assistant and print buyer in ICI Pharmaceutical division.
He secured a lectureship in the Department of Printing at Manchester College of Science and Technology (Later UMIST).
He took a part-time MSc (Tech) at UMIST, a BA and MA (Econ) and a PhD part time at Victoria University of Manchester.
Bob Wild stayed in Printing Education becoming Head of Department of Printing Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University.
For 21 years he simultaneously taught Social Science for the Open University.
He is now retired; learning to play the piano and enjoying a variety of classes at the Wilmslow Guild.


The stories in Bob Wild’s book provide a rich insight into the social history of working class life on a North West England council estate in the 1940s. They are full of life, vividly evoking the atmosphere of the period. They are crammed with wonderful characters and entertaining everyday situations, all embellished with telling detail. 

Gillian Hush BBC Short Story producer 

Autobiographical stories depicting the Social History of Working Class life on a North West England council estate during wartime Britain of the 1940s. Highly readable, informative, entertaining and exceptionally well-written. Highly recommended.