PAPERBACK 6" X 9" pp 43

ISBN 978-0-244-71324-9

Tributes in Verse

The latest collection by Poet, playwright, critic, actor, director, lecturer and illustrator David Erdos is a tribute to two artists responsible for revolutionising their chosen creative forms. CHANGING PLACES WITH LIGHT is an imagined narrative of the thoughts and events of iconic actor and film maker’s John Cassavetes final years, and how the example he set and the struggles faced created continued and unsurpassed standards of aspiration.  The poem attempts a film like survey of Cassavetes’ life and career, with the verse operating as a form of internal camera, capturing the essence and potency of this vital and much missed artist. TO OUR IMMORTALIST comprises 5 poems written for the divinely inspirational poet, playwright, activist, painter and performer, Heathcote Williams whose death in July 2017 robbed modern cuture of one of its most important voices. The poems range from marking the first anniversary of his passing to his final birthday and are presented in reverse order,  ‘in an effort to keep him alive.’  

Both men’s work were as singular as they were different to each others and yet their approaches complement each other perfectly as the graphic imagery  of Williams’ poetry combines with the spiritual  depth of Cassavetes images. This beautifully presented publication from Ken Clay’s Penniless Press is a striking document of dedication that reveals poetic narrative in a fresh and revealing way. It is intended for appreciators of poetry as well as the ‘unversed’, and offered as a show of thanks for two bodies of work who while they have moved from us but must never fade.   

 ‘One of the most heartfelt tributes I have ever read, an extraordinary rapport between  artist and subject. The author thought this might be one of his best. It is one of anyone’s best’   

                                                                          Malcolm McNeill

‘Stunningly good. It is epic and leaves me in awe. This poem makes we want to live upto it.’ 

                                                                         Jan Herman

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