Aubrey Malone

Paperback 6" X 9" 470pp  - ISBN 978-1-913144-09-8  Published October 2019

Brian Kilcoyne finds it difficult to cope with the death of his mother. His father is an alcoholic and he doesn’t get on with his brother. He leaves his farm in Loughrea to go to college in Dublin, splitting up with his childhood sweetheart as he does so. They leave their relationship open with the possibility of continuing it in the future.  He travels to Europe and America while trying to decide on his future. Romance and diaspora create conflicts in him before he returns to a changed Ireland

What’s he going to do with his future? Can he re-kindle his relationship with his girlfriend? Is his father going to re-marry? Will smalltown mentalities force him to leave Galway again

Aubrey Malone's previous books include Maureen O'Hara: A Biography (University Press of Kentucky), Women on Women (Pan Macmillan) Ballina Stories and Poems  and A Nursing Life(Penniless Press).


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