Brian Docherty was born in Glasgow and now lives in north London. He was educated at Middlesex Polytechnic, the University of Essex, London University Institute of Education, and St. Mary's University College. He has had a variety of jobs, including civil servant, hospital storeman, lecturer and creative writing tutor. His previous books include Armchair Theatre, (Hearing Eye, 1999), Desk with a View, (Hearing Eye, 2008), and Woke Up This Morning, (Smokestack Books, 2012). 

Independence Day moves on from previous work, while still retaining some continuities in theme, style and approach. It is a book of journeys, literal and metaphorical, making use of ekphrastic techniques. The poems here start out from north London, taking the reader to San Francisco, New York, Baku, Kuala Lumpur, France, Russia, and back again, while remaining firmly grounded in the writer's locale. As ever, political realities and social issues are not neglected; these poems move to a contemporary music without losing seriousness of purpose without resorting to agit-prop. 

“the reader enters a world that is personal but always worked out against a detailed social backcloth. It's a politics of everyday that comes through.” 

                                                Jim Burns, Poetry London Newsletter 

“it is a pleasure to find work that has something to say and says it with with and perspicuity.”                    

                                                Vernon Scannell,  Ambit

  “such a generous spirit, as well as a writer of honesty, perception and sensitivity.”

                                                  Maura Dooley

   “Brian Docherty writes well about politics and survival/exile.

                                                   Ian MacMillan, The Wide Skirt

 “Brian Docherty's poems often tell stories. He writes directly and clearly and his poems are all well-structured. He has an instinct for the right word or image and nothing in this collection seems out-of-place or pretentious. His style is laconic, oblique, so each poem is a kind of little dam, holding back the energy of outrage, disgust, despair, alienation and disbelief. 

                                                    Alan Dent, Mistress Quickly's Bed

 “Woke Up This Morning is a stirring book which will pump a much-needed transfusion of indisputably red blood around the heart of anyone who reads it.” 

                                                     Alan Morrison, The Recusant  

Paperback 6" x 9" 81 pages ISBN 978-1-326-16545-1