Aubrey Malone

Paperback 6" X 9" 547 pp  - ISBN  978-1-913144-22-7  Published March 2021

Aubrey Malone’s memoir begins with him entering life as the youngest of nine children born to Hugh Dillon-Malone, a colourful solicitor, in Ballina in 1953.  His life is a hubbub with lots of activity both inside and outside his family home of Norfolk. There are also his various ‘homes from home’ – the Estoria cinema, the soccer grounds of Belleek, the beach at the nearby town of Enniscrone.

His family moved to Dublin in 1969 after his father retired. Here he attended university, graduating with an Arts degree in 1975. He was a Primary teacher for a number of years before he drifted into freelance journalism and then book writing.

The Last of Nine deals with his interest in films, books, music, sport and travel as he acclimatises to his new life in Dublin against the backdrop of everything from Big Brother to the Coronavirus.

Aubrey Malone's previous books include Maureen O'Hara: A Biography (University Press of Kentucky), Women on Women (Pan Macmillan) Ballina Stories and Poems  and A Nursing Life  (Penniless Press).

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