Martin Keaveney

Paperback 6" x 9" 218pp  - ISBN 978-1-91314432-6  Published 2021

The bog swamps of The Mackon rise through the winter, slowly sinking the heather and gorse into a perfect flat surface. Tommy steps further towards the centre, ripples widen around him, then they fade and melt away.

The Mackon Country is Martin Keaveney’s second novel. His debut novel Delia Meade was published in 2020 and followed a short story collection, The Rainy Day in 2018, both published by Penniless Press. Stage and screen credits include Ireland’s national broadcaster  RTE and Scripts Ireland Playwriting Festival. He has a PhD in Creative Writing and Textual Studies. Scholarship has been published widely, including at the New Hibernia Review, Journal of Franco-Irish Studies and Estudios Irlandeses. He was awarded the Sparanacht Ui Eithir for his research in 2016. He works as a creative writing lecturer/consultant (see more at www.martinkeaveney.com).