Paperback 6" x 9" 183 pages ISBN  978-1-326-78146-0

Published October 2016


   This is Ken Championís best novel to date. Tightly written and surprising, its main character, Vincent,  is one of the authorís í vivid working class men who,  after a university education, lives a life at once rich in social observation and sense perceptions and awash with anger at a world that doesn't allow any real integration between his roots and present life. A professor of racially diverse adult students and a wanderer through London, Vincent begins an emotionally intriguing journey with a woman who lives in the vintage clothes of a past era, the story line following their relationship. The end is determined both by Vincentís dissatisfactions and by the shock of the brutal, random events of real life.  Itís an unusual, gripping book.

Meredith Sue Willis, Hamilton Stone Review, USA (2016)

I really enjoyed Ken Championís latest novel and am still thinking about its characters. It portrays the lives of a small group of contemporary people who have links to the music and fashion re-enactment scenes of the 1940s and Ď50s. He sensitively explores their involvement with them, their connections to each other, and the losses that have shaped them.

Cultural influences, particularly cinematic scenes, are used imaginatively as themes, while class divisions, diversity, and the use of language are sharply observed. Acute insights into the demands and freedom of city life and of academia further make this novel an absorbing read.

This is a writer who pays intense attention to the extraordinary details of ordinary life. 

Joanna Ezekiel, 2016

Ken Champion is an internationally published writer, novelist and poet whose work has appeared in literary journals in the US and extensively in magazines and anthologies in the UK.

A volume of short stories, Urban Narratives (2013), a novel, The Dramaturgical Metaphor (2014) and a collection of poetry, Cameo Metro (2014) have been published by Penniless Press Publications. A pamphlet, African Time (2002), chapbook, Cameo Poly (2004) and a first collection, But Black and White Is Better (2008, reprinted 2010) are published by Tall Lighthouse. He is a South Magazine Profiled Poet and a reviewer.

A selection of his poems and fiction can be found at The Poetry Library and at www.kenchampion.org.uk

Ken lectures in sociology and lives in London.