PAPERBACK 6" X 9" 326pp

ISBN 978-0-244-31144-5

From the much praised author of Easy Verses for Difficult Times (PPP,2017), a critical and creative compendium for and about the furthermost reaches of  contemporary practise.

'David Erdos is the good detective, out there, on the move, on the case. He is a positive energy, a sympathetic reporter and recorder. Follow him.'            Iain Sinclair


Acclaimed by writers, artists, musicians and film makers as diverse as Heathcote Williams, Alan Moore, Chris Petit, Pete Brown, Steve Hackett, Youth, Tony Palmer, Jan Herman and a host of others, this unique collection of reviews, essays, interviews, poems and performance pieces seeks to redefine new limits for artistic enterprise in an age of threat. Originating in his work as co-ordinator and lead reviewer for The International Times, David Erdos celebrates a range of new and established heroes, while continuing to forge the links between creative and critical forces. The book asks its potential readers to look for new standards in the art and culture that surrounds and represents them, by pouring the oil of criticism onto the waters of the work of others in order to fuse a combined act of silver. This alchemic analogy achieves relevance as many of these essays take on poetic form, leading to the books inclusion of examples of Erdos’ own creative output. To critique others means that he too must be open, and so a collaboration begins.

From book, gig, theatre and album reviews of both leading and emerging artists to overviews and memorialisatons of the playwrights Arnold Wesker and Snoo Wilson, Oil On Silver contains a revealing interview with seminal progressive musician Steve Hackett and a major 32 page interview with Alan Moore on the nature of Eternalism and his new work, described by Moore as ‘his favourite interview of recent times.’ A consistent theme throughout the book and the subject of many of its pieces is the work and career of Erdos’ friend and mentor, the much missed Heathcote Williams, one of modern culture’s greatest voices. Oil On Silver becomes a testament to him and the vast scope of his work, some of which, while still buried treasure will go on to define culture’s gold.

OIL ON SILVER seeks to restore ground to celebrity drenched cultural dry-spot. Its range and diversity echo the contradiction we are all currently facing: how in an ignorant age can we measure true value?  Finding the right cultures becomes crucial. This book is a small stone throne in the face of an illiterate giant. Read as Erdos spits oil in its eye.     

Counterculture becomes even more important in these times of no cultural margins and constant erasure, making its dwindling list of commentators all the more crucial. 

There is no questioning the importance of David Erdos’ contribution. Quite possibly the greatest living cultural commentator since Cyril Connolly!                        Chris Petit


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