The Penniless Press Reader is a selected reprint from issues 1 to 26 (1995 2008). Comprising about 35% of the total original content it contains 150,000 words in its 400 pages. Among which: 

Fred Voss, Martin Hayes, Alexis Lykiard, Gael Turnbull, Mike Barlow, Tanner, Peter Faulkner, John Lucas, Sid Thomas, Stephen Blyth and Andy Croft.

Criticism and Biography including:
Jim Burns on Clifford Odets, Maxwell Bodenheim, Martha Dodd, Walter Lowenfels, Irving Howe and Henry Murger.
Alan Dent on Michel Houellebecq, John Murray and Carol Ann Duffy
Alexis Lykiard on Jean Rhys and MacOrlan
Anthony Cooney on Dylan Thomas and G.K. Chesterton
Joseph Pridmore and Howard Slater on James Hanley
John Lucas on Greek Poets and Walter Brierley
Leslie Williamson on DH Lawrence.
Stephen Blyth on Ogden Nash
John Manson on Anna Seghers 

by Elizabeth Howkins, Stephen Wade, Ken Clay and S. Kadison 

John Lucas, Nigel Jarrett and John Dunton on Jazz
Ken Clay on the Manchester Classical music scene 

Dave Tipton in Peru 

Politics and Philosophy
John Lucas on the Radical Sixties
Paul Vinit on Freud and Herbert Spencer.
Robert Senior on the Irresponsibility of Optimism 

Plus the letters of crazy oik Stefan Jaruzelski

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