Paperback 6" x 9" 95 pages ISBN 978-1-326-63536-7


If The Pump Don’t Work, Don’t Vandalise The Handle
If I Wasn’t A Poet… 
A Nail-Bomb In Old Compton Street/ Or How They Carried The
Bad News From Kosovo To My Front Room
Never Done Skunk/ Buy One, Get One Free 
Blues For Allah/ Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia 
Girl On Westgate/ Fancy And Imagination
Carnival Against Capitalism/ When The Mode Of The Music Changes,
The Walls Of The City Shake 
The Day I Met Syd Barrett/ & Other Astounding Tales 
Children Of The Atom /‘Bomb Culture’ 
Gravity Dust/ Lofty Flake Anagram
Dropping TVs Onto Moving Cars From Motorway Bridges
‘They Fuck You Up, Your Mum...’   
The Night It Rained In The Leeds City Art Gallery / The End Is
Extremely Fucking Nigh 
Song Of My Father  
Animalisms/ The Psychic Life Of Micro-Organisms
Fortress Europe  
I Am A Microwave/ Homage To The Toshiba Corporation
A Neolithic Romance  
Modern day Primitives (Me And You And John And Yoko)  
For A While There, Tuli Kupferberg, I Thought Maybe You Were Right
About Alienation And Bacchus  
Metaphysical Love-Story/ Psycho Daisies  
Trailing Clouds Of Glory: “She Can Take The Dark Out Of The
Night-Time And Paint The Daytime Black”   
The Truth About How Gravity Really Works… 
Guru Of The Northern Line (London: The Post-Iraq Settlement)
The Thing From Inner Space /Skateboarding On Thin Ice  
Thirty Seconds To The End Of Time / ‘A Scientific Romance’ 
Transcript From Lethal Tulip Overdose  
The Thirteenth Of Never (For P.S.K.) / “Where Is The Bird Of Fire ?”  
The Fountains Of Enceladus/ Growing Gills
Now, Voyager 
Snowflakes Falling On The International Dateline/ Under A Lover’s Moon (26.5.89)  
Speak To Me Pretty, Speak To Me Nice (Five Remedies For The
Language Of Racing Glaciers) 
Ode To An iPod For Steve Jobs Via John Keats
Impressionistic Expresso Bongo/ Waking Into Bedlam
Notes From The Coming Apocalypse: Rime Of The Future Mariner 
How Does It Feel To Feel…?   
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream/ The Innate Gravity Of Dream 
Spring Mill Fly-Tip   
‘In The Year Of The Great Leap Sideways’   
Margaret: The Modern Medusa  
It Was 2 am, 2003 / Some Words Stay Better Left Unwritten, & Others 
‘I Looked Under Chairs, I Looked Under Tables, I Tried To Find The
Key To 50-Million Fables…’  
Last Thoughts On Phil Ochs/ Here’s To The State Of Modern Britain
To Young Lovers Everywhere, Fuck Off  
The Poet’s Address On The Nation State / And The Irrelevance Of Patriotism     
First New York Poem: Whirlwind Tour, With Wedding
(One Thousand Valuable Secrets In The Elegant And Useful Arts…)   
This Is Not An American Planet/ Eating Chromosomes  
What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love And Understanding?  
The Poet Sells Out…‘And To Be Young Was Very Heaven’ 
The Only Living Boy In West Yorkshire / Aftermyth   
The Old Man Who Falls Down  
Swimming To Ithaca  
Glass / Beyond Four Sigma Levels Of Certainty 
You Can Call Me Al Zymer, The One-Time Rhymer   
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