Paperback 6" x 9" 310 pages ISBN  978-1-913144-05-0

Published May 2019

‘Before turning his considerable talent to the prose form, effortlessly turning out the kind of clever, drily comic literary novels that tend to invite praise, Ken Champion used to  craft elegant, narrative verse.

Times change however, and for his latest novel Champion has changed gear to accommodate the conspicuously angry mood of the moment. Further sharpening an increasingly political style, THE POLITICOS is his most engaged piece of writing yet; using a twin-track narrative to confront the major issues of the age, taking in class, ideology, immigration, identity and alienation.  

And as befits a seasoned portraitist of a changing London, he neatly captures the shifting landscape and language of the city he so clearly loves, embracing the personal as well as the political in an epic novel that makes us think, laugh and cry.  Expect to be tantalised and challenged; even shocked as Champion turns his withering gaze on troubled times.  

Have no doubt; THE POLITICOS is the authentic sound of the post-crash suburbs.’

                                                                          Chris Connelley, Hastings Independent

‘Ken Champion’s novels don’t fit conventional genres, but are always intellectually satisfying.  In this, two men - a left wing professor and a neophyte conservative member of Parliament - are involved with a politically committed woman. Champion enriches his story with a study of class differences, a critique of Freudian psychology, and the architecture of London in a gripping narrative of love and politics.’


                                                              Meredith Sue Willis, Books For Readers, USA