REVIEWS 2022 - 2023

Jim Burns


Paperback 6" x 9" 339pp ISBN 978-1-913144-57-9 Published Jan 2024

These reviews first appeared on-line on the PP website 

JIM BURNS was born in Preston in 1936. He left school at 16 and went to work in a cotton mill. He spent three years in the army, and later worked at various jobs while at the same time publishing poems, stories, articles, and reviews in New Society, The Guardian, New Statesman, Jazz Journal, Jazz Monthly, Evergreen Review, Transatlantic Review, and many other publications. He was a regular contributor to Tribune for over 30 years and has contributed to Ambit since the early-1960s. He is currently the Assistant Editor of Beat Scene. In the 1960s he edited the little magazine, Move, and he was editor of Palantir (1976-1983). Before retiring he taught adult education classes for the WEA and Manchester University Extension Studies.

 "Burns celebrates the North, the Unions and the less privileged of the Two Nations. He is humane, randy, and highly skilled."

Peter Porter, The Observer

 "Jim Burns is a poet whose laconic style sprang from his love of a certain American mode. One of England's leading enthusiasts on beat writing, on jazz of the forties, and on Hollywood film noir."

Jeff Nuttall, The Guardian

"He is very droll, anecdotal, northern, unfoolable."

Anthony Thwaite, The Sunday Telegraph

"He's a poet, editor (of Move and Palantir, two fantastically influential and important magazines of the last three decades), and perhaps most importantly, a reviewer and essayist chronicling the margins of literature: the forgotten poets, the outside influences, the one-novel novelists, the figures who clambered to the edge of the public eye for a brief second and then fell off."

Ian McMillan, Poetry Review