Keith Howden was born near Burnley in 1932. He is married, with three children. After National Service and work as a laboratory assistant, he taught English and modern European fiction with a major interest in 'the text as event' at Nottingham Trent University. Among his many poetry pamphlets are Joe Anderson, Daft Jack's Ideal Republics, Pauper Grave, Hanging Alice Nutter and Barlow Agonistes. He has published three full-length collections, Marches of Familiar Landscape (Peterloo 1978), Onkonkay (Peterloo (1984) and Jolly Roger (Smokestack 2012). Recently, with his son, the composer Matthew Howden, he has completed two poetry music collaborations, with accompanying discs: The Matter of Britain (PRE Rome 2009) and Barley Top (Redroom 2013).


Self -Dissolve

Ten Hermetic Dialogues 

‘I no longer believe what I wrote in The Aesthetics of Goal Tenure. Then, I noted that I believed the finest game yet to be played would be the one in which the pitch moves while the players stand still. What I now feel is this: that the finest game yet to be played will be the one in which a player plays himself on a pitch playing itself.’ 

L. Yashin
The Metaphysics of the Penalty Area

‘Control may be exercised upon the cue-ball and its path determined by the condition of the cue-tip and the accuracy and judgment with which the stroke is played. The cue-ball may be controlled in various ways : it may receive side, thus causing it to follow an unusual route across the table’s surface and by which its behaviour, both then and after striking another ball will be affected : if the cue strikes the base of the ball, its subsequent motion will be in a direction dimensionally different from that commonly supposed...’ 

J. Davis
The Aesthetic of Snooker.



Persons of this fiction

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A Lancashire Mystery   

Art, Goalkeeping and Society    

Hands like Snakes      

Coiled Pipes and Tripes  

A Lancashire Idyll    

Golden Boy breaks leg   

Hare and Tomato Soup    


Self-Dissolve: A Note  


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