Keith Howden was born near Burnley in 1932. He is married, with three children. After National Service and work as a laboratory assistant, he taught English and modern European fiction with a major interest in 'the text as event' at Nottingham Trent University. Among his many poetry pamphlets are Joe Anderson, Daft Jack's Ideal Republics, Pauper Grave, Hanging Alice Nutter and Barlow Agonistes. He has published three full-length collections, Marches of Familiar Landscape (Peterloo 1978), Onkonkay (Peterloo (1984) and Jolly Roger (Smokestack 2012). Recently, with his son, the composer Matthew Howden, he has completed two poetry music collaborations, with accompanying discs: The Matter of Britain (PRE Rome 2009) and Barley Top (Redroom 2013).

Using the template of Sebastian Brandt’s original of 1494 and accompanied by Durer's original engravings Keith Howden updates the Ship of Fools castigating our modern moeurs and our bankrupt political class.


Lies : Food, glorious food
Avarice : Sources and Remorses
Gluttony : How to vomit a Gregg
Conceit : Your daddy’s in the cotton-field.
Shallow Entertainment : The Sound of Music
Serving two Masters :  Do you want a fag?
Stupidity : Riding Habits
Playing the System : The wheels are broken.
Ignoring Need : Sweets for the Sweet
Wealth Unearned: The biggest aspidistra.
Induced Illness : The good ship Lollipop
Gambling : Charity ends at Home
False Begging : On stern Blencathra.
Poor Judgement : Horses for Courses
Twittering: Will no-one rid me..
Bad Examples : The Ecclestone syndrome
Predestination : Survival of the fittest
False Prophets : A schooner with all sails set
Privilege : A garden is a lovesome thing
Abetting Folly : Am I here at the gate alone?
Selfish Prayers : Ha-ha said the clown
Lack of Common Sense : Somewhere there’s a smell 
Abusing Small Occasions : A hunting we will go
Pretended Wisdom: A trace of Tracey 
Foolish Risk : A Creation myth
Deceit : A Day in the Sun
Procrastination : There is an armour against fate 
False Accusers : Little Baby Bunting 
Poor Judgment : Gulliver’s Travels  1
Hypocrisy : Top of the Pops 
Old Fools : Long Division 
Disorder : Gulliver’s Travels 2
Venery : Save all your kisses for me
Know-alls : The tunnel of Love
Borrowers : A Bob on Himself 
Lawyers : A run for your money 
Pretence : He flies through the air
Learning Nothing : A bicycle made for two
Foolish Optimism : Alphabet Spaghetti 
Transitory Thinking : Ding dong bell, somebody’s made.
Negligence : The man from Kirriemuir
Superciliousness : Party Games
The Supremacy of Cash : Dawkins revisited
Irredeemable Ignorance : It’s nothing but an ‘art-ache’
Bullies : One hope, one faith, one Lord 
Voluptuosity : Tit for Tat 
Vain Learning : And did those feet 
Tell-Tales : Who runs may read
Vanity : Amen

 Paperback 6" x 9" 112 pages  ISBN 978-1-291-86050-4