Paperback 6" x 9" 425 pages ISBN 978-1-913144-30-2  Published March 2022


Ken Champion has been writing for quite while. Novels, novellas, short stories, verse. You name it; he has done it, generating an enviable body of work that chronicles, amongst other things, post-war Britain, psychology, movies, subculture, identity and architecture - his descriptions of our built environment are fascinating. Most of all, though, Champion's work is informed by an abiding interest in class, drawing on his work as a signwriter, commercial artist, a degree in Sociology and Philosophy and subsequent career as a lecturer working in east London colleges. His experience as a mature student from a working class family is integral to his writing. More recently, he has also taken on the forces of neo-liberalism, adopting an increasingly political and sometimes provocative tone that often stands in contrast to his earlier work, especially that of his first novel set during the London Blitz and seen largely through the eyes of child.

Sharp, funny, direct and clever, Champion is always good value and genuinely thought-provoking. If you have not encountered him yet, you are missing out on a distinctive talent. Go search him out.  

Chris Connelly, Hastings Independent


I really liked this book. Then And Us demonstrates how Champion can produce a novel with a natural, very ‘real’ style, complementing the touchingly brave and awkward not-so-long-ago world of young adulthood battling their own and class-divided emotions. With its setting and tonal range reminding one of Waugh -  at times an almost anti-Brideshead Revisited - the dialogue, setting, and characters are so well-placed in their time, and Champion’s more usual ideological polemics are nicely tucked into the mouths of the pedagogues, leaving the characters to breath, and speak to us movingly.

Phil Ruthen, Waterloo Press


Ken Champion is an internationally published poet and writer whose work has appeared in over 150 magazines and anthologies. He has two pamphlets, African Time (2002) and Cameo Poly (2004) and a full collection, But Black And White Is Better (2008, reprinted 2010) all published by Tall Lighthouse. His fiction has been published in literary journals in the USA and extensively in the UK and he is a Profiled Poet for South Magazine and reviewer for Write Out loud.  A selection of his poems and fiction can be found at The Poetry Library and at www.kenchampion.org.uk

Ken lectures in sociology and lives in London..