Paperback 6" x 9" 270 pages ISBN  978-0-244-62099-8

Published November 2017

‘Ken Champion’s reputation was forged on the basis of his talent for exquisite miniaturism and his ability to anatomise the subtleties of close relationships in and around his beloved London. In his expansive new novel, Champion confidently strides the global stage cleverly inter-linking three lives as he reflects on relationships, work, community and what success means for people and places in the fragile, crash-and-burn economy of the 20th Century. 

At times angry, funny, touching and tender, THRUST is a compelling read posing huge questions that demand our full attention.’ 

 Chris Connelley, Hastings Independent, 2017 

‘This is Champion's best novel to date. It carries acute observations of people struggling to find ways of urban living where forces, at times beyond their control, bend and strain their lives.'

Philip Ruthen, Waterloo Press, 2017 

The reader never doubts that the separate threads of this novel will be gathered up in the end, and they are - along with satisfying surprises, revelations and a climactic dialogue about the meaning of ‘progress’ in a city’s construction.

Champion’s story-telling pulls you in and draws everything together in a final knot that lingers in memory and imagination.’

Books for Readers, Meredith Sue Willis (USA), 2017 

This is an enjoyably bold portrait of life in cosmopolitan cities and an examination of the pursuit of ‘progress’ at the expense of community. There are intriguing parallels and contrasts between its three main characters, and especially pleasing are the descriptions of London.’  

Joanna Ezekiel, 2017   

Ken Champion is a writer, novelist, poet and reviewer who is the author of 3 novels, 2 novellas, a volume of short stories, 2 poetry pamphlets and 2 full collections. His work has also appeared in literary journals in the US and extensively in magazines and anthologies in the UK.