Paperback 6" x 9" 73 pages ISBN 978-1-326-18758-3

Anthropomorphic animals, disintegrating bodies and the shape-shifting properties of water ripple across the pages of Susan Darlington’s debut collection. Emotionally direct and vividly metaphorical, Under The Devil’s Moon flows with the dreamlike language of fairytales. 

Susan Darlington was born in the year that punk broke and remains inspired by three-chords and the DIY ethic. 

Her poetry has been widely published in the likes of Dream Catcher, Mistress Quickly’s Bed, Baker Street Irregular, Fire and Obsessed With Pipework.  

She continues to combine her love of poetry with music and has been a regular contributor to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Morning Star and Rock ‘n’ Reel over the last two decades.

"Most of the pieces in Under the Devil’s Moon use a supple, musical free verse in constructing short lyrics. Darlington has a consistent, engaging voice that gives immediacy and power to the images she uses, even if not to what lies behind them." The State Of The Arts.

"It's a lovely collection of fairy-tales, playground cruelties, bad-dreams, day-dreams and delicate similes... A gentle English surrealist, Darlington writes about urban changelings, domesticated shapeshifters and the witchcraft of everyday life... Definitely recommended." - Morning Star