Mark Wardís debut collection Thunder Alley was a semi-autobiographical account of the diversity and divisions within his hometown of Blackburn.  The Visitorís Book expands on this theme, exploring the relationship between people and their environment. It collates and chronicles the overlooked, the ordinary and the remarkable: the things that pass and those that endure, into a rich seam of narrative poems. 

 "Vivid, sharp, memorable observations of the places that have touched Ward's eye and heart; the tone is characteristic of the man; poems worth reading!"

                                                                                                               Jack Mapanje

 Mark Ward was born in Blackburn, and has travelled extensively. He studied for a Masters at Lancaster University. He lives in Grasmere and works at Dove Cottage: former home of the poet William Wordsworth. The Visitorís Book is his second full collection.



 Paperback 6" x 9" 65 pages  ISBN 978-1-291-96018-1 Published August 2014


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