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Alexandre, Vincente
The Buried Lovers (7)  

Allen, Gary lives in Northern Ireland and has been published in many places
Pictures in The Wardrobe (5)  
Work-Boots (4)  

Allen, Joseph
Gulag (15)

Anderson, Lilian
No Mean City (24)

Andrews, Maggie
Music Like Water (24)
Game On (25)

Shoot First (23)

Argles, Tom teaches for the Open University. His poems are starting to appear in a range of magazines
The Drumlin Country (8) 

Aridazola, Julianne is a Long Beach poet widely published in America
Taps (9)    

Armstrong, Keith
Garcia Lorca in Whitley Bay (23)
In Blood (23)
North East Poetry - Debunking Some Myths (Annexe)

Armstrong, Peter
Pigalle Pygmalion (19)  

Ashpool, Julie lives in Blackpool. Her work has appeared in a few magazines
Fuck-Me-Quick (8)  
Leather Pants And No Knickers (16)  
Miss Moneypenny & The Missing Martini (18)  


Bailey, Darren
Sleep-Walking (21)  

Bakowski, Peter
The Torturer (10)  
The Man in the Don't Worry Be Happy T Shirt (10)  
Moon Above The City (14)  
Men's Ward (23) 

Banner, Katherine lives on the land in Co. Durham and is part of the wonderfully vibrant poetic activity up there organized by the indefatigable Andy Croft, Mark Robinson and other exceptional troopers. She deserves to be better known
The Angels Here (11)  
Non-Contact (13)  
Some Entrances The 90 Degree Rule (16)  
No Free Beer For A Low Thing In Las Vegas (19)  

Barlow, Mike
Complete PP Poems (Poetry)

Baron, Alexander
From The City from the Plough Chapter VIII (Annexe)

Barr, Sarah
Mushrooms (23)

The Rented House (26) 

Bartholomew-Biggs, Michael
Falling Bodies (Archive / Poetry)
Intourist (Archive / Poetry)

Bartolini, Luigi
The River: A Celebration (12)  

Barrass, Jim lives in Preston, a misfortune which does not stop him writing
Nothing Too Much (5)  
Memory (5)  
The Inexorable Rise of Absolutely Bugger All (Annexe)

Beagrie, Bob
Premature Resurrection (14) 

Beeching, Jack
The Tainted Word (15) 

Bell, James
The Eyes of the Beholder (12)  

Bell, Jeff
Fifteen Poems 

Bence-Jones, Gillian lives and writes in Ipswich
Eilat (16)  

Betteridge, David
Five Poems (Poetry)

Billany, Dan
The Trap Chapters 39 & 40 (Annexe)

Bishop, Alfred
One Evening In Paris (11)  
Expecting The Worst (13)  
The Mark Inside (15)  
Hostile Lights (18)  
Jackson (22)

Blyde, Ray Ex stereotyper on the Daily Express in Manchester 
Selected Poems (Annexe)
My Life in Print (Annexe)
The Cypher (Annexe)

Blyth, Steven Lives in Bolton and works in Manchester, edits PROP and has a collection of poetry due soon from Peterloo.
Elegy For The World: Loss And The Poetry Of WS Graham (2)  
City Tour (2)
Rebel Without a Pause: The Poetic Structures of Ogden Nash (3)  
Blokes (4)  
Car Boot Sale (4)  
Journey (5)  
Team Photo (5)  
Job Description (6) 

Boothroyd , Christine is a writer and translator. She lives in Yorkshire.
The Italian Twilight Poets (16)  

Broady, Bill
Review Thompson, Hunter - Fear and Loathing in America (14)   

Bradbury, Richard
A New Map Of Dartmoor (22)

Bridgeman, Pam lives in Cumbria and has had work in many magazines
My Father Built His Own House.(4)  
Speaking Plainly (4)  

Brown, Pat
You Are Who? (19)

Buckner, Adrian
Blackberry Picking 11th September 2001 (15)  

Burch, James
Just So Blonde (12)  
Especially Neat (14)  

Burnett, Jay
Things Are Not As They Seem (3)
Review Jean Rhys Revisited by Alexis Lykiard (12)

Burns, Jim

Jim Burns was born in Preston in 1936.  He left school at sixteen and went to work in a cotton mill.  He spent three years in the army, and later worked at various jobs while at the same time publishing poems, stories, articles, and reviews in New Society, The Guardian, New Statesman, Jazz Journal, Jazz Monthly, Evergreen Review, Transatlantic Review, and many other publications.  He was a regular contributor to Tribune for over 30 years and has contributed to Ambit since the early 1960's.  He is currently the assistant editor of Beat Scene.  In the 1960's he edited the little magazine, Move, and he was editor of Palantir (1976 to 1983).  Before retiring he taught adult education classes for the WEA and Manchester University Extension Studies.

Irving Howe And The Legacy Of Dissent (1)  
Alfred Kazin: A Writing Life (2)  
Henry Roth (3) 
Isaac Rosenfeld (4)  
Review: Poems for the Millennium (4)  
Words For Painters (5)  
The Popular James Moody (6)  
Anatole Broyard (7)  
Ben Maddow (8)  
William Herrick and the Spanish Civil War (9)  
Maxwell Bodenheim (10)  
Walter Lowenfels (11)  
Henry Murger & Bohemia (12)  
Review Landscape With Portraits by John Freeman (12)
The Strange Case Of Martha Dodd (13)  
The Poetry Of Robert McAlmon (14)  
James T Farrell (15)  
Rebel Voices (16)  

Review Gray, Martin - Blues for Bird (16)
Clifford Odets: Sweet Smell Of Success (17)

Left In Los Angeles (18)  

Review Dave Tipton Medal for Malaya (18)

Review John Murray - Jazz Etc (18)  

The Noble Savage (19)  
Be-bop Spoken Here (20)  
What Is Remembered (21)  
The Jacket (22)

Write As Short As You Can (Annexe) 

Buttress, Derrick
Memories of a Jazz Age (19)
A Life 1841 (24)
Local History (24)
The Thieves of 1831(24)


Caddy, David edits Tears In The Fence and has published his own work in many places
At First Sight (5)  

Callow, Philip is a poet novelist and biographer. His life of Cezanne, LOST EARTH, was reviewed in issue 6. This was followed by a life of Chekov. Philip died in 2007
Then (1)  
Painted Card (2)  
A Bike for Christmas (3)
The Silence of Stars (4)  

Campbell, Neil
New Line (18)
Oxford Road Station Manchester (25) 

Capp, John
Remembrance (14)  

Cerna, Jose was born in 1949 in Chachapoyas, Amazonas. His work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. He lives in Paris.
Girl (6)  
At Five In the Afternoon During My First Winter In Lima (8)  
Mark Of Identity (9)  

Cernuda, Luis
A Spaniard Speaks Of His Country (7)  
Pilgrim (7)  

Champion, Ken  lives in Essex
African Time (16)  

First Day Back (17)
Freedom Fighter (17)
Ownback (17)

Roma (18)  
Seethrough (18)  
Things (20)  
Buse Mncube (20) 
Vespers (21)  
London (1952) (22)
Cannonball (22)
Semiology (23)
Cafe Gallery E8 (24)
Green Street (26)

Vic (Annexe)
Pancakes (27)
The Cafe Slavia (27)
Buntah (Annexe)
Religious Affairs
Art House
The Beat Years
George (Prose)

Clay, Ken lives in Warrington.

French Leave (10)  
Bender's Blitzkrampf (12)  
Stories (Prose)
Goodbye Denmark Rd (22)
His Customary Carrot (Letters)
Poor Padre Pio (24)

, Carol
Chinese Kite (21)  
Hole (23)

Coe, Mandy
The Jesus Lizard (24)
Disconnected (24)
Bit Part (24)
Bank of England (25) 

Cohen, Ira
Imagine Jean Cocteau (19)  

Combes, Francis
N.Y. N.Y. 9.11 (20)  
Berlin 89 (21)
Sausalito (25)
Erotica (25)

Coneely, Noel teaches in West Wicklow. He is a regular reader in Kaffe Moka, Dublin
Coventry Nurse (11)

Cook, Martin
Quartz Digital (14)
Conference (25)

Cooney, Anthony used to edit The Old Police Station. He lives in Liverpool
In Defence Of Dylan Thomas (9)  
G.K.Chesterton- A Bridge to Modernism? (10)

Copley, Jennifer
On The Barrow Road (18)  
Vultures (20)  

Corazzini, Sergio
La Morte Di Tanatalo (22)
Partenza (17)
Departure (17)
Campana (17)
Angelus (17)

Coulmin, Francoise
The Inheritors (26)
Link (26) 

Craig, David has written many books and is Emeritus Professor at Lancaster University. Co-Editor of the defunct Fireweed magazine
Last Suppers (5)  
Crow's Bird Bath at the Solstice (11)  
Coupled (11)  
Into Rock (2) (11)  
Roadman (21)
The Golden Triangle (24)

Poems (Poetry)

Crick, Alex
Soixante Huit - Soixante Neuf (Annexe)

Croft, Andy

Andy Croft lives in Middlesbrough, where he has been active for many years in community writing projects. Writing Residencies include the Hartlepool Headland, the Great North Run and HMP Holme House. His verse-play about the history of Middlesbrough, Smoke! was shown at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2004.
His books include Red Letter Days, Out of the Old Earth, A Weapon in the Struggle, Selected Poems of Randall Swingler, Holme and Away, Comrade Heart and thirty-four books for teenagers, mostly about football.
His books of poetry include Nowhere Special, Gaps Between Hills (with Mark Robinson), Headland, Just as Blue, Great North, Comrade Laughter and two anthologies, Red Sky at Night (edited with Adrian Mitchell) and North by North East (edited with Cynthia Fuller).

Left Behind (7)  
Comrade Laughter (Part 1) (18)  
Comrade Laughter (19)  
Poems (Poetry)

Crossman, Clare lives in Brampton, Cumbria (a small town fortunate enough to boast herself and John Murray as residents) She has published collections with Redbeck and appeared In many magazines.
Glasgow Photograph (7) 

Curran, Michael
Ooh Aah (12)  
Just One of Many (14)
Truth (14)
The Crash Victim (27)

Curtis, Michael Lives in Kent. Has published widely over a long period.
Never Again (2)  
How Are You? (9)
He's Harry, I'm Elsie (20)
The Creative Life (Yeats) Review

Cutts, Joanna
Nature (23)

Instead (25)


Daggers, Alan is a teacher who hails from Preston and now lives in Manchester
The Locomotive Shop (4)

Daniel, John
Grown Up War (Annexe) 

Day, Peter lives in Newark and has appeared in many little magazines.
Fig (11)
Disappeared (24)
Go On In the Dream (27)
Review Occupation by Angela France (Reviews)

Darlington, Andy
Decline of the Hull Fishing Industry Seen as a Night Out with Miriam (18)
Fortress Europe (18)  

Review - Gray, Martin - Blues for Bird (18)
It Was 2am (19)  
Love In A Cold War (20)  
Animal Rights (23)
Derek Edge Declares Peace (23)  

Darlington, Susan
Naked (22)  
Teardrop (23)
Protection (23)
Object (23)

When We Were Wolves (25) 
Two Fat Babies (25)
The Test (26)
The Bargain (26)

Debney, Jack
Out Goes The Bonny One (1) (20)  
Out Goes The Bonny One (part 2) (21)  
Out Goes The Bonny One (22)
Covenant (Annexe)

Demkin, Andrew
The Old Man and the Cat (Prose)

Dent, Alan
The Betrayal of Democracy (1)
John MacMurray And The Status Of Science (2) 
A Cumbrian Genius: The Novels Of John Murray (6)  
Mass Culture (8)  
Long Live Poetree (Translator) (8)  
Carol Ann Duffy- The Pursuit of the Shared (10)  
Paul Durcan:the revealing art of concealment (11)  
Clifford Odets and the American Theatre (13)  

The Suicide Of The West:The Novels Of Michel Houellebecq (16)  
Dr Prosser's Remedy (Annexe)
One Day in Whitehaven (Annexe)

Dixon, Alan
A Portrait Bust (19)

Domleo, Martin
Old Bill (25)
The Carriers (26) 
Mary (27)

Donnelly, Paul
Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot (14)  
Blues for Dolphy (14)

Duncombe, David
Morecambe Bay (21)  
Orders (21) 
On Home Ground (22)
At a Stroke (26)

Dunton, John has published prose and reviews over many years. He has been described as "a broken bookseller and abusive scribbler". still manages to stop drinking long enough to write his fascinating articles
Authentic Sounds (1)
In Praise of Booksellers (and others) (2)
Bebop and Bands (5)
The Names of the Forgotten (4)
West Coast Sounds (9)
Bill Moody's Jazz Novels (12)
What Will You Read Tomorrow (13)
David Markson (15)  
Yes, but is it art? (17)

Dymoke, Sue
Swamped  (12)  


Edge, Andy is a fiction writer from Leicester. His work has appeared in several magazines
Room On Top (6)  

Edwards, Paul
Realities of Light (13)
Complaining Rather Than Howling (14)  

Einstein, Albert
Why Socialism (5)

Elliott, Sean
Well Spoken (23)
Grosmutter (26)

Ellis, Barbara
Review Murray, John- John Dory (14)                     
Review Borman, Kevin - Inside the New Map (14)   

Evans, A.C.
Too Much Like Real Life (26) 


Faulkner, Peter
Complete PP Poems (Poetry)

Feakins, John
A Sense of Fragility (27)

Finch, Peter
How Dan Dare Shaves (14)  

Flanagan, Julian
End And Beginning (15)  

Fletcher, Simon
Grammar School Boy (22)

Fortey, Bryn
Jazz Noir (24)

Freeman, John teaches at Cardiff university and edits News That Stays News. His poems have appeared in many magazines
A Letter To Jill French (6)  

Freeman, Lee
A Bottle Of Alcohol & A .44 Calibre Gun (15)

Frost, Nancy
Ill? (24)
Oil (25) 
Liberation Song (27)


Gallego, Jose Luis
Waiting (18)
Llegado del Cansancio (19)
This Weariness of Days (19)
La Detencion (19)
Arrested (19)

Garrett, George
Flowers and Candles (Prose)

George, Richard
The Plagues Of Russia (17
Senseless (27)

Gilson, William
Puzzle (26)

Greenberg, Clement Is one of twentieth century America's leading art critics. The piece reproduced here first appeared In Partisan Review in 1948.
Irrelevance Versus Irresponsibility (1)  

Greenhalf, Jim
Two More Beers (10)
The Old Guy at Shakespeare and Co (10)
Grand Canyon at the Pompidou (11)
Radical Chi Chi (11)
Lone Wolf  (12)  

Greenwell, Bill
The Bald Man (18)
The Other Side of This World (19)
What It Was (Annexe)
Helen of Troy in the High Street (Annexe)
Quiz Show (Annexe)

Gregory, RG
Nine (12)

Griffiths, Bill
The Psychic Fifth (13)

Grubb, David HW has published several collections and appeared in many magazines. He works for a charity
School Mistress (6)
The Light Of Day 96)

Guidacci, Margherita
The Shell (12)


Hanley, James
Oddfish (Annexe)

Harding, Cory
Interview with Dave Ward (17)

Harris, Peter
Surrealism, Trotsky and Me (Annexe)

Hattersley, Geoff is at poet and editor. His full collection Don't Worry is available from Bloodaxe and his poems have appeared widely. The final edition of his much-loved magazine The Wide Skirt is available from la Church St, Penistone, S.Yorks, S30 6AR.
Not For Aesthetic (1)
Music No One Will Hear (2)  

Heyes, Martin lives in London. He has worked in the dispatch industry for fifteen years. A film based on his Redbeck Collection is to be shown on Channel 4.
Complete PP Poems (Poetry)

Higgins, Bernadette has recently moved from Canada to England. Her poetry has appeared widely
Seven Breaths, Fifteen Seconds (8)

Hikmet, Nazim
Poem (10)

Hilton, Jeremy
Siddick (15)
Traces (19)
Poor Man's Black Economy (21)
Review Leblanc, Adrian - Random Family (21)

Hodgeon, Gordon
The Strap (10)
Song For Mario (14)

Holloway, Geoffrey Lives in Cumbria. His work has appeared in many magazines and several collections over many years. One of his latest collections is The Strangest Thing, also from Redbeck.
Epilogue (1)

Horsefield, Ron
Memories of Empson (Letters)
Memoires of a Tourist (Annexe)

Howkins Elizabeth is an American poet and short-story writer widely published both in her own country and here
Bon Appetit (8)

Hudson, Bill
On The Buses with Dostoyevsky by Geoff Hattersley (Review) (8)

Hughes, RL
Silence & Solitude (14)
Windy Metaphors (21)
Four Poems (Coming Up)


Ibrahimi, Zekria
Fear, Fear Again (19)


Janik, Pavol A Slovak poet, dramatist, prose writer, translator, publicist and copywriter.
A Dictionary of Foreign Dreams (Archive / Poetry)

Jarrett, Nigel is a widely published poet who lives in Gwent.
There's A Break In The Tree-Line (13)
Death Of A Botanist (16)
Fading (16)
Lending An Ear (20)  

Jaruzelski, Stefan
Letters (23)
Biggles Pulls It Off (Annexe)
More Letters (Annexe)
Miracle in Montauban (Annexe)
The Condition of the Working Class in France (25)
Londynczyzy (Annexe)

Jenkins, Mike has been published in many journals and has a collection to his credit. He lives in Wales. His new collection from Seren is due out soon
Bethesda Brought Down (9)
Seeking Victor Jara (14)
The Safest Asylum (16)
Mustard Gas (18)  

Jennings, Philip Sidney lives in London. His short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies.
The Nightwalker (8)  

Jonrose, Stella would like to be a theatre critic. She currently works In the N.H.S is our resident theatre writer. She lives and works in Yorkshire
Review: Attempts On Her Life (5)
Review The Weir by Conor Mcpherson  (7)
Review: The Beauty Queen of Leenane (4)  

Jope, Norman is a well-known writer and editor on the little magazine front.
An Accessible Venus (9)
Siberia (13)  


Kadison, S
Complete Short Stories (Prose)

Kapek, Macelli
Review Maybe It's all True – Fred Voss (1)  

Karatzaferi, Ellen was born and raised in Boston. She now lives in Greece and writes in all genres.
A Loaf Of Bread (16)  

Karp Gendre, Jacqueline comes from Southport but lives in southwest France and has been published in many magazines lives in Vaux-sur-Mer and has published poetry and short stories
August the Fifteenth (3)
An Alphabet For Yugoslavia (5)
Two Items of News (4)
Witness (12)
Villanelle for Tsahal (20)

Kelly, Tom
The Wrong Jarrow (21)  
Old People's Friend (21)
Geordie poems (Annexe)
Into the Rain (27)
The Last Day (27)

Kenney, Morgan
Two haiku (20)


The Professional Musician (Annexe)
Rebuilding a Minor (27)

Kinsey, Chris lives in Powys. She has been widely published and broadcast on Radio 4.
Taxi 1 (16)
Solo On St Valentine's Day (19)

Knight, Mary
Review Fisher, Janet - Women Who Dye Their Hair (21)


Land, Thomas
Meetings (22)  
Peace Conference (23)
Ghetto Game (25)
Funeral Song (Annexe)
Flight (Annexe)
Like a River (Annexe)
Irene's Siege (Poetry)

Laskey, Michael
Stanislaw's Iron (18)  
On the Phone (18)

Late (24)

Lawrence D.H.
Autobiographical Sketch (Annexe)
Introduction to Memoires of the Foreign Legion (Annexe) 

Richard is a G.P. in the west country. His book Bills Of Health will appear in January 1996.
Chirac In A Hole Lot Of Trouble (1)

Layton, Brenda Tai
The Lemon (21)

Leach, Robert  lives in Scotland. This is his frst appearance in Penniless Press.
You Came Running (16)

Lee, John
Jaruzelski in Dordogne (Letters)

Lewin, Peter lives in Kirkham Nr Preston and has published in various magazines and given readings in many venues.
Knight Wood Factory (5)

Lewsey, Jonathan
On Waterloo Station (27)

Light, John
January Afternoon (10)
House By The Sea (14)
Try Again (15)
Keeping A Distance (22)

Lightfoot, Frederick lives in Cumbria. His work has appeared in many magazines including recent issues of Stand.
Family Portrait (8)

Locklin, Gerald is a Long Beach writer who teaches English at CSULB.
active participant (7)
Where We Live (10)
The Film Puts it into Perspective (10)
kissing the hand that feeds them (11)

Dry Seat (26)

Lomellini CA de has published several collections and appeared in magazines over many years. In addition to her own poetry she has produced admired translations of many writers. She is a teacher of languages and literature.
Laughter (6) Translator
Where Is My Woman, My Woman (6) Translator
Antonio (Translator) (8)

Longstaff, Marylin
Death In Hospital (18)
Serpent Farmhouse (26)

Lucas, John is a professor, poet, critic and editor. One of Britain's best contemporary literary intellectuals.
An Incident In The Class War (2)
Review Collected Essays Of John Goode (2)
Modern Greek Poetry (3)
Ted (11)
A Class Act (12)
Just (14)
Three Reasons Why I Became A Republican (16)  
The Radical Sixties? (17)               
The Radical Sixties (Part 2) (18)
Radical Sixties (19)

Jazz On The March (21)
A Note on Leslie Williamson (21)
Walter Brierley & Leslie Williamson (22)

On Radicals, Freedom, and the Need for Being Awkward (Letters)

Lykiard, Alexis

ALEXIS LYKIARD’s many publications include 9 novels, among them The Summer Ghosts (1964); Zones (1966); The Drive North (1977). Other prose books include the highly-praised memoir, Jean Rhys Revisited (2000) and a short sequel, Jean Rhys Afterwords (Shoestring, 2006). Main poetry books: Selected Poems 1956-96 (Salzburg); Skeleton Keys (Redbeck, 2003) and Judging By Disappearances (bluechrome, 2007). Translator of Lautréamont’s Complete Works, and novels by Jarry, Apollinaire, Aragon, etc. Most recent translations – prose by poets: Heliogabalus (Artaud – Creation Books, 2003) and The Nun (Péret – Creation, 2007).


Mac Orlan (6)
Hunger And Some Thirst (8)
Spiked (19)
Vanishing Hero : Vanished Peace (Prose)
The Novels of Charles Bukowski (Prose)
Sixties Time (Prose)
Chandler Brossard (Prose)
Taking the Poetry Road (Prose)
Having a Poetic Time in the Sun (Prose)
Poems (Poetry)


McGrath, Niaill is a novelist, poet and editor of the Black Mountain review. He lives in Co Antrim.
Renaissance (16)

McGonigal, James
Virtual Memories (14)

McKenna, Tony
The Strange Case of the Dog on the Underground (Prose)

MacKinnon, Edward

Edward Mackinnon studied modern languages at St John's College, Cambridge and Warwick University. He lives in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where he works as a translator.



Poems (Poetry)
Kaltenberg and the Pulp Fiction of German Reunification (22)
The Believer (25)

McLoughlin, Paul
The Pencil Fence (25)

McMahon, Brenda teaches psychotherapy In Derbyshire
Flesh (11)

Manson John is well-known as a translator and writer. He lives in Scotland.
Laziness (Translator) (8)
The Leningrad Hospital (translator) (5)
Anna Seghers in English (9)
White Sea (Translator) (11-16)

St Barnabas Impasse (Translator) (Annexe) 

Marshall, David
Retrospect (20)
I Have Stood Upon Some Lousy Dawns (21)  

Mayne, Andrew teaches English in Manchester. He has produced excellent editions of plays by Orton and Rattigan, amongst much other writing.
The Ronnie Scott Quartet (12)
Lover's Knot (15)
Hear Me Talkin’ To Ya (16)

Melia, Gerard
Asylum Seeking (21)
This Time Tomorrow (24)

Merleau-Ponty (1908-1961)
Cezanne's Doubt (Annexe)

Testimony: Voices of the Holocaust (Annexe)

Mitchell, Adrian Lives in London and is a poet, novelist, dramatist, performer and scourge of capitalism. His first full collection was published in 1964, his next Blue Coffee, is due soon from Bloodaxe. Someone should write his biography.
To Caitlin Riding On My Shoulders (1)
Understanding The Rain (2)  
Edward Hopper (3)
The Beautiful Ghosts (5)  

Montalbetti, Mario was born in Lima in 1953. His first book Perro Negro was published in 1978. His work has been published widely and he is one of Latin America's most original voices.
Where Is My Woman, My Woman (6)  

Mora, Tullo
Maria Arce de Colchado (7)
Antonio (8)

Morgan, David R.
Why Poppies? (26)

, Edwin
From A Nursing Home (22)

Morgan, Jim has been writing for many years. More of his work will appear in future issues.
In Memoriam Paul Potts (4)  

Morrison, Alan
From Rats, Cats and Kings (23)

Munn, Lynne
Dying Crab (24)
Works Canteen (25) 

Murphy, Art
Quarries (10)

Murphy, Stephen
Southpaw (21)


Nelson, Dorothy
Stagnant Waters (23)

Neruda, Pablo
Laziness (8)
There's The Return To Myself (9)
A Small Creature (9)
Yes, comrade (9)
Since It Dawned (9)

Norgate, Stephanie
Trevail (1)
Scarlet Runner (10)


O' Callaghan, Ruth 
Alice's Shoes (25)
Old Woman: Blackpool Promenade (25)
Blue (26)
Cordon Blue Valentine's Day (26)

O'Connor, Tommy Frank lives in Tralee
Blackberries (9)

Oliver, Janet  lives in Kent.
Milk (16)
Habits (18)

Ortega y Gasset Spanish philosopher and essayist, professor of the University of Madrid and founder of the magazine Revista de Occidente. Ortega y Gasset's writings range over history, politics, aesthetics and art criticism, as well as the history of philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology and ethics. In 1929 Ortega published one of his best known works, The Revolt of the Masses, where he characterized the 20th-century society as dominated by masses of mediocre and indistinguishable individuals.
The Increasing Menace Of Society (7)


Park, William lives in Preston and is currently studying for an MA. in poetry at Liverpool. His poetry has appeared in many magazines.
Lavinia Greenlaw: Invention and artifice (11)

Japanese Horror Films (Archive / Prose)

Parker, Andrew lives in Liverpool. His work has featured in several magazines.
Keene, New Hampshire (9)

Payne, Fran
Reviews (6)
Reviews (7)

Pemberton, Nick
Typewritten Poem to My Bank Manager (18)  
Aussie Hospitality (18)
Between the Buildings (18)
The Disappearance Of Captain Jack (20)
Sonnet For MacSweeney (21)
Dancing Horse (22)
English Ghost Dance (25)

Group Therapy (26)

Tom  lives and writes in Chorley.
Maverick Woman (16)  

Pickard, Nigel
I've Almost (23)

Pickford, Stuart
Affair (10)  

Pidoux, Andrew
The Greatest Sex Pervert Ever (Prose / Fiction)
Simple (Prose / Fiction)

Pogson, Patricia lives in Cumbria. Her work has appeared almost everywhere. Her pamphlet A Crackle From The Larder is still available from Redbeck Press.
Doctrine (1)  

Povey, Malcolm
Unfamiliar Ground (23)

Prados Emillo
Asleep In The Grass (7)

Family Mementoes (Annexe)

Pridmore, Joseph
Torture, homoeroticism and subversion in James Hanley's The German Prisoner (18)
George Garrett & the USA (19)
James Hanley's "Boy" (20)  

Pye, Andrew
Staff Rota (3) 


Quinn, Terry
First Reactions (23)

South Pacific (27)


Radnoti, Miklos Hungarian Poet victim of the Holocaust
Deathmarch (Annexe)

Ramp, Philip lives on the island of Agina and works as writer and translator  
Cat Day (3)
Kenneth Pachen: A Personal View (3)

Reflections On Odysseus Elytis (5)  

Ramsden, Jane is a poet and translator whose work has appeared in many magazines
Where Is My Woman, My Woman (6) Translator

Reilly, JN
What Does it Matter to Us (Translator)(11)
The Poor in Church (Translator) (11)

Reiss, Ed lives in Bradford
Mistakes, Concerning Women (16)

Framed (26)
Safe City (26) 

, Thordis is an Icelandic writer.
Now (9)

Riley, David
Abandoning Archeology (Archive / Poetry)

Rimbaud, Arthur
What Does it Matter to Us (11)
The Poor in Church (11)

Robertson, John
Haiku (14)

Robinson, John
In Europe (17)
Immortality Clause (17)

Robinson, Mark
Review First Catch Your Hare - David Crystal (10)
Review Something Small Is Missing -Susan Utting (10)
Review A Mesh of Wires - Christopher North (10)
Review How to Disappear - Amanda Dalton

Rocheleau, Linda lives in Savannah, Georgia and is widely published in US magazines
Colette's Chair (7)
Thank You (7)
Cypress 97)
Most Matters Can Be Ironed Out (10)  


Santer, David lives in Devon and has appeared in several magazines.
Poem (11)

Scapens, Gordon
Big Brother (15)

Sealey, Philip
Jakobsbaiern (15)

Seed, Ian
Consequences (21)  
Review - Jeff Vande Zande - Transient (17)

Senior, Robert lectures in history and is working on a book about Marx and Smith
The Irresponsibility Of Optimism (5)

Serge, Victor
The Leningrad Hospital (5)
Old Woman (9)
White Sea (11-16)
Earthquake (19 -24)

St Barnabas Impasse (Annexe)

Drama Lesson (26)

Sinopoulos, Takis
Elpenor (3)

Skene, K.V
Good Morning (17)
Attuned to a Northern City Much Too Indifferent to Love (25)
The Secret Life of (26)
The High Life of Hospitals (26)

Slater, Howard
Drifting With James Hanley (3)

Smith, Joan Jobe lives in Long Beach with Fred Voss. She has been published very widely and has several collections to her credit.
Long Beach Poetry (6)
Direct Object of the Subjective Case (4)
Taste Buds (4)
Woodchuck (12)

Smith, Jules lives in Hull and was associated with Bete Noire
Fred Voss Interviewed (8)

Stokes, David
Walking The Falls (17)

Swan, Jenny  
Mona Lisa The Fishing Boat (3)
The End of the Holiday (3)

Horse Chestnut Candles (7)
Poet (12)


Tanner, Paul
A Rumble and a Patter (24)
The Average Night (24)
Maths Lesson (24)
Minions (25)
Working (26)
Nothing + Nothing = This (27)

Taplin, Kim is a widely published poet with several collections to her credit
He Held His Woman (8)
Lament (10)
When Grass is in Short Supply (12)
Four Immortals Stand Guard (15)
passer passing (18)
from Stuff (21)

Tate, Christopher is a retired teacher and a regular reviewer for this magazine.
Review Fires In October - Philip Callow (2)
Review: Confessions of an Old Believer - The Gox (4)
Reviews (6)
Reviews (7)   

Taylor, Steven
Jane and the IMG (13)
Lech Walesa Answers His Critics (15)  
The Great Mural of Diego Rivera (15)

Tebb, Barry
The Sounds of Evening (12)

Thistlethwaite, Carol
Grasshopper Warbler et alia (25)

Thomas Sid lives in Cumbria. His work has appeared in a range of magazines
Complete PP Poems (Poetry)

Tipton, David is a poet, novelist short-story writer, essayist and publisher. He has published many collections
A Geographical Surrealism  (6)
Girl (6) Translator
Where Is My Woman, My Woman (6) Translator
Antonio (Translator) (8)
At Five In the Afternoon During My First Winter In Lima (Translator) (8)
Hospital (13)  

Toczek, Nick lives in Bradford and is an indefatigable reader and performer of his work. His DRAGONS is an excellent children's collection.
The Fool Who Rules the School (4)

Tolkien, Michael is a retired teacher from Rutland whose work has appeared in many magazines. His first collection is due from Redbeck this year
Christmas In Tenerife (6)
Hereditary (9)

Tomlinson, Geoff lives in Peterlee. His work is well-known to readers of little magazines.
Lessons (9)
Choices (26)

Treadgold, Sonia
Cloth Eared Vulgarity (Letters)
The Lodger (Letters) 

, Athanasios
Sorcerers (18)  
Mal Du Return (18)
Bath (18)

Tu Fu
Springtime (7)

Turnbull, Gael is a long-established and widely published poet much respected among discerning readers. His textualist poems represent a significant innovation in English poetry. He lives in Edinburgh.
Complete PP Poems (Poetry)

Tyler-Bennett, Deborah
Leaving Zanzibar (17)


Urso, Joe
The Pisser of Pompeii (25)(26) (27)
The Colosseum (Annexe)
Summa Vita (Annexe)


Vaughan, Dai
Ghost (Prose)

Verheggen, Jean Pierre is one of France's most interesting contemporary poets
Long Live Poetree (8)

Vinit, Paul was born and grew up in Paris where he read philosophy at the Sorbonne. He was taught by Canguilhem who stimulated his interest in the philosophy of science. He is currently working on study of Condorcet. He lives in the Clignancourt area of the city with his wife and four children.
Freud And The Myth Of Instinct (1)
Herbert Spencer: The Illusion Of Perfectibility (2)  
Condorcet: The Infinity of Progress (3)
Turgot and the Contradiction of Progress (4)
Saint-Simon: The Orderly Society (5)

Voss, Fred




is one of America's most original living poets as well as a highly skilled machinist. He has been published very widely and visits Britain on a reading tour every autumn.  

Complete PP Poems (Poetry)

Wade, Stephen teaches at the University of Huddersfield. he is currently working on a study of Jewish-American literature and hopes soon to begin a biography of Roger McGough.
From The Diaries & Notebooks Of Preston Pimley (7)

Waling, Steven lives in the north-west and is a well-known editor and poet
Venus de Mersey (9)  

Ward, Dave
she sits off (17)

Wardman, Gordon needs no introduction to diligent readers of the small presses. He is reputed to be a great admirer of the epistolary style of Edna Welthorpe.
cold star (11)

Watanabe, Jose was born in Trujillo in 1946. He has published three collections and translations of his work have appeared and will appear in many English magazines. He works as a journalist and cinema scriptwriter
Laughter (6)
The Remedy (7)
In Her Letter My Sister,Dora, Says (7)
To The Night (7)
The Dying Woman (7)

Week td lives in the North West and shuns publicity.
The Story Of My Life (8)  

West, John
Smiling Girl In A Chemist's Shop (14)
The Girls I Work With (15)  

White, John lives and lectures in Cambridge  
The British Way of Life (3)
The British Way of Life II (4)

Whyte, Hamish
Virtual Memories (14)  

Wigley, Anne
The Seduction Chamber (10)  

Wild, Boris retd lecturer lives in Levenshulme, Manchester
Laughing at the Black Shirts (13)
Making Sense Of War (14)  

Wilensky, Ben is an ex-sailor, ex-soldier who lives in New York. He is an anthropologist who spends his time writing, loving his wife, listening to Mozart and drinking whisky
Your Science Is A Fart (7)
Fishing with Grenades (10)
The Goddess (10)
Electrocution in the Rain Forest (10)
Pistons (10)
The Goddess (12)
Terminal (19)

Williams, John Hartley
No rhyme, no reason (21)
Kick Me? (24)
The Fall of the Pound (Coming Up)

, Merryn lives in Bedforshire and edits The Interpreter's House, an excellent little poetry mag. She has published, among other books, a translation of Lorca wIth Bloodaxe
Unto The Seventh Generation (7)

Williamson, Leslie
Eastwood & W.E.Hopkin (21)

Wilmer, Mike
Reviews (6)
Reviews (7)

Wood, Jason is a young writer from London
Old (9)

Wood, Tom Born in Glasgow left school at 16 and has worked at many jobs including a long stint travelling the country with fairgrounds - is a short story writer who comes from Blackpool
The Sexiness Of Woodwork (2)
Getting It Measured (3)

Buttocks and Erections (4)
Fancy A Bit More? (7)

Worman, Jeremy
Review The Absolute Bottom Line by Keith Martin (12)
Breaking (21)

Worpole, Ken

Ken Worpole is a freelance writer and researcher on urban architectural and landscape policy issues. He was a member of the UK government's Urban Green Spaces Task Force (2000 - 2002) and is an adviser on parks and public spaces to the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Middlesex University for his contribution to cultural policy in 1999.

He is the author of many influential books and studies, the most recent two of which are HERE COMES THE SUN: architecture and public space in 20th century European Culture (Reaktion Books, 2001), and LAST LANDSCAPES: the architecture of the cemetery in the West (Reaktion Books 2003). He is married to the photographer, Larraine Worpole, and they have lived in Hackney, East London for the past 35 years, where their children and grandchildren also live.

The Poetry Of Tomas Transtromer (18)

Wright, Howard lives in Co Armagh where he works as a lecturer in art history.  
Session (3)
Salt (8)
Toast (8)
The Damage Done By Angels (11)
The First Lesson (14)
Upstairs (15)
The Conversion (16)
The Crazies (18)
The Instruments (21)
One Good Friday (22)  
The Vasectomy Party (23)

Wyke, Dan
Scattering Ashes (12)

Wyndham, Pat
Liberte Egalite Rapacite (12)


Yorke, Michael
Bird Lives! (15)

Younger, John
Falling Down (26)