Jim Burns reviews Weimar in Exile by Jean-Michel Palmier (NRB) (added March 2017)

Alan Dent reviews Kafka: The Early Years - The Years of Insight - The Decisive Years  - by Reiner Stach (NRB) (added 2017)

Jim Burns reviews Italian Futurism and the First World War by Selena Daly (NRB) (added March 2017)

Jim Burns reviews Executing the Rosenbergs by Lori Clune (NRB) (added March 2017)

Jim Burns reviews The Pen and the Brush: How a Passion for Art Shaped French Novels by Anka Muhlstein  (NRB) (added March 2017)

Jim Burns reviews A People's History of the Russian Revolution by Neil Faulkner (NRB) (added Feb 2017)

Jim Burns reviews Coal MIne Disasters in the Modern Era 1900-1980 by Brian Elliott (NRB) (added Feb 2017)

Jim Burns reviews Hank: The Short Life and Long Country Road of Hank Williams by Mark Ribowsky (NRB) (added Feb 2017)

Jim Burns reviews Pete Ayrton's No Pasarán (NRB) (added Feb 2017)

Jim Burns' eighth collection of essays Paris, Painers, Poets is published (see Books) (added Feb 2017)

Jeff Bell adds three new poems to his Poetry page Ingredients Required etc. (added Feb 2017)

Alan Dent reviews Giacomo Puccini and His World by Arman Schwartz and Emanuele Senici.(NRB) (added Jan 2017)

Jim Burns reviews In Bed With the Georgians by Mike Rendell (NRB) (added Jan 2017)

Jim Burns reviews Trotskyism in the United States by George Breitman, Paul Le Blanc and Alan Wald (NRB) (added Jan 2017)

Jim Burns reviews Depression Folk: Grass Roots Music and Left Wing Politics in 30s America by Ronald D Cohen (NRB) (added Jan 2017)

Alan Dent reviews The Princeton Handbook of World Poetries  The Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms by Roland Greene and Stephen Cushman (NRB) (added Jan 2017)

Alan Dent reviews Silvia Federico's Revolution Point Zero (NRB) (added Dec 2016)

Alan Dent reviews Cicero's How to Grow Old and How to Win an Argument (NRB) (added Dec 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Revolutionary Yiddishland: A History of Jewish Radicalism by Alain Brossat and Sylvie Klingberg (NRB) (added Dec 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Wynford Dewhurst: Manchester's Monet by Roger Brown (NRB) (added Dec 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Nordic Painting by Katharina Alsen and Anika Landmann (NRB) (added Dec 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Simon Webb's 1919: Britain's Year of Revolution (NRB) (added November 2106)

Jim Burns reviews Joseph Maddrey's The Quick, the Dead and the Revived:The Many Lives of Western Film (NRB) (added Nov 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Henry Hitchings' Browse: The World in Bookshops and Krista Halversen's Shakespeare and Company: A History of the Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart (NRB) (added November 2016)

Charles Ashleigh reviews Marc Harshman's collection Believe What You Can (NRB) (added Oct 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Sonia Aarons' Sven Berlin: Timeless Man (NRB) (added Oct 2016)

Charles Ashleigh reviews a recent production of Neil Gore's play Dare Devil Rides to Jamara (NRB) (added Oct 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Alfred Rosmer's Lenin's Moscow (NRB) (added Oct 2016)

Alan Dent reviews Andrea Moro's Impossible Languages (NRB) (added Oct 2016)

Charles Ashleigh reveiws John Freeman's poetry collection What Possessed Me (NRB) (added Oct 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Sebastian Smee's The Art of Rivalry (NRB) (added Oct 2016)

Alan Dent reviews the current production of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire at the Royal Exchange Manchester (NRB) (added Sept 2016)

Jim Burns reviews John Harvey's Dead Dames Don't Sing (NRB) (added Sept 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Bernard F Dick's The Screen is Red: Hollywood, Communism and the Cold War (NRB) (added Sept 2016)

Jim Burns reviews the exhibition Alice Neel: The Subject and Me at the Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh (NRB) (added Sept 2016)

Jim Burns reviews the Scottish National Gallery exhibition Inspiring Impressionism  (NRB) (added Sept 2016)

Alan Dent reviews Tom Jones commentary on Pope's Essay on Man (NRB) (added August 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Stanley Spencer Of Angels and Dirt - Exhibition at the Hepworth Wakefield (NRB) (added August 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Joachim Schlör's Nights in the Big City NRB (added August 2016)

So what does Charlie Hebdo make of Brexit? We add a translation of their post Brexit editorial of July 6th Brexit & Charlie Hebdo(added August 2016)

Jim Burns reviews James A Cosby's Devil's Music: Holy Rollers and Hillbillies (NRB) (added Aug 2016)

Jim Burns reviews The Visitor's Book: In Francis Bacon's Shadow by Jon Lys Turner (NRB) (added Aug 2016)

Francis Spurrier reviews Thomas Orszag Land's poetry collection Reading for Rush Hour: A Pamphlet in Praise of Passion followed by her interview with the poet (NRB) (added July 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Foreign Artists and Communities in Modern Paris 1870 - 1914 by Karen Carter and Susan Waller (NRB) (added July 2016)

Jim Burns reviews John Lucas's novel The Plotting (NRB) (adde July 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Mary Gluck's The Invisible Jewish Budapest (NRB) (added July 2016)

Alan Dent reviews Robert Berwick & Noam Chomsky's Why Only Us? (NRB) (added July 2016)

Jim Burns reviews David Belbin's short story collection Provenance (NRB) (added June 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Szkolnikoff: Hitler's Jewish Smuggler by Pierre Abramobvici (NRB) (added June 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Barbara C Allen's Alexander Shlyapnikov: 1855 - 1937 Life of an Old Bolshevik (NRB) (added June 2016)

Jim Burns reviews The New Diaspora:The Changing Landscape of American Jewish Fiction by Aarons, Patt and Schechner (NRB) (added Jun 2016)

Two additons to the Books page. Andrew Darlington's The Poet's Deliberation on the State of the Nation and Keith Howden's Not Bloody Gawain (BOOKS) added May 2016

Andrew Lee-Hart's latest story The Maestro in Six Movements (Prose) (added May 2016)

Jim Burns Reviews of Exhibitions in Malaga 2016 (NRB) (added May 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Spain in Our Hearts by Adam Hochschild (NRB) (added May 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Robert Miklitsch's Kiss the Blood off My Hands (NRB) (added May 2016)

Jim Burns reiews John Walton's The Legendary Detective (NRB) (added May 2016)    

Jim Burns reviews Eric Hazan's A History of the Barricade (NRB) (added 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Nadar's When I Was a Photographer and Siegfried Kracauer's Jacques Offenbach and the Paris of His Time (NRB) (added April 2016)

Geoff Wills reviews Do You Want to Know a Secret? The Autobiography of Billy J Kramer (NRB) (added April 2016)

Jim Burns reviews An Introduction to the Life of John Bratby by Julian Hartnoll (NRB) (added April 2016)

Alan Dent reviews Martin Espada's Vivas to Those Who Have Failed (NRB) (added April 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Bill Yenne's The Sand Creek Massacre: (NRB) (added April 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Dean Kirby's Angel Meadow: Victorian Britain's Most Savage Slum (NRB) (added March 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Sarah Bakewell's At the Existentialist Cafe: Freedom, Being and Apricot Cocktails (NRB) (added March 2016)

Fred Whitehead reviews Denise Lowe's Jackalope (NRB) (added March 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Kieran Allen's 1916 Ireland's Revolutionary Tradition (NRB) (added Feb 2016)

Alan Dent reviews Euripedes and the Politics of Form by Victoria Whol (NRB) (added Feb 2016)

Alan Dent reviews Capitalism A Short History by Jurgen Kocka (NRB) (added Feb 2016)

Adam Kluger's Flash Fictions are added to the Prose section (Prose) (added Feb 2016)

Additions to Andrew Lee Hart's page include The Woman in the Park and The Day She Left Me (Prose) (added Feb 2016)

Additions to William Bedford's page include three poems Nesting, The Hollow Tree and I Stood by Your Cot (Poetry) (added Feb 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Teresa Svoboda's Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet (NRB) (added Feb 2016)

Jim Burns reviews David Rosenberg's Rebel Footprints: A Guide to Uncovering London's Radical History (NRB) (added Feb 2016)

Alan Dent reviews Emily Berry's poetry collection Dear Boy (NRB) (added Jan 2016)

Thomas Orszag Land reviews Bernard Kops' Anne Frank's Fragments from Nowhere (NRB) (added Jan 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Joan Brady's America's Dreyfus: The Case Nixon Rigged (NRB) (added Jan 2016)

Jim Burns reviews Modernism and Authority: Picasso and His Milieu around 1900 by Charles Palermo (NRB) (added Jan 2016)

Jim Burns latest addition, volume 7, to his on-going collections of essays Anarchists, Beats and Dadaists, is available from the Books page (added Dec 2015)

Jim Burns reviews The Martyr of Loray Mill Ella May and the 1929 Textile Workers Strike in Gastonia North Carolina (NRB) (added Dec 2015)

Jim Burns reviews a re-issue of Victor Serge's Year One of the Russian Revolution (NRB) (added Nov 2015)

S. Kadison's latest collection of short stories The Inevitable Rise of the Honourable Stanley Dickenson MP, Northern Paedophile is added to the bookspage. Luckily for Kadison, and society at large, the eponymous subject is dead - and you can't libel a dead person  Also added are the next two vols in Kadison's 8 volumed saga Entirely Avoidable Insanity 2 and Entirely Avoidable Insanity3  (Books) (Added Nov 2015)

The long awaited collected poetry crits by Alan Dent Too Much Toothache is now available (Books) (added Nov 2015)

Andrew Lee Hart's story The Waters of Babylon is added to his PP page (Prose) (added Nov 2015)

Jim Burns reviews The Many Lives of Cy Endfield by Brian Neve (NRB) (added Nov 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Geoff Wills' Zappa and Jazz (NRB) (added Nov 2015)

Cumbrian novelist John Murray draws your attention to his blog at https://johnmurraywritinginkythnos.wordpress.com/

Alan Dent reviews Andrew McMillan's poetry collection Physical (NRB) (added October 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Jacob Zumoff's The Communist International and U.S. Communism 1919-1929 (NRB) (added Sept 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Stanley Meisner's Shocking Paris: Soutine, Chagall, And The Outsiders Of Montparnasse (NRB) (added Aug 2015)

Two stories by Andrew Lee-Hart - Siskin the Poet and Together at Last (Prose) (added August 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Stephen Miller's Walking New York: Reflections of American Writers from Walt Whitman to Teju Cole (NRB) (added Aug 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Destruction Was My Beatrice: Dada and the Unmaking of the 20th Century by Jed Rasula (NRB) (added July 2015)

Eight Stories by Tom Kelly (Prose) (added July 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Tony Roberts' latest collection of essays The Taste in My Mind from Shoestring Press (NRB) (added July 2015)

Five poems by Donna Pucciani (Poetry) (added July 2015)

Three books are added to the PPP list: Ken Champion's Keefie and Paul Tanner's Class Act and Keith Howden's Lost Orisons (Books) (added July 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Devon Cox's The Street of Wonderful Possibilities: Whistler, Wilde and Sargent in Tite Street (NRB) (added July2015)

Five poems by Ross Wilson (Poetry) (added June 2015)

Several new pieces of fiction from Andrew Lee-Hart Suitcase by the Door, George Aitch From Prague with Love, Eric A Buckley Alternative Summer and Eric Smith No Tipping Allowed (Prose) (added June 2015)

Jim Burns reviews James Gifford's Personal Modernisms: Anarchist Networks and the Later Avant-Gardes (NRB) (added June 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Simon Spillett's The Long Shadow of the Little Giant ( Tubby Hayes) (NRB) (added May 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Miranda Banks' The Writers: A History of American Screen Writers and Their Guild (NRB) (added April 2015)

Alan Dent reviews Barney Norris's To Bodies Gone: The Theatre of Peter Gill (NRB) (added March 2015)

Jim Burns reviews William J Maxwell's F.B. Eyes: How J. Edgar Hoover's Ghostreaders Framed Afrcan American Literature (NRB) (added March 2015)

Two additions to Penniless Press Publications - Jim Burns' latest essay collection Rebels, Beats and Poets and Graham Fulton's poetry collection Continue (Books) (added March 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Blood on Steel - Chicago Steelworkers and the Strike of 1937 by Michael Dennis (NRB) (added March 2015)

New additions to the Books section. Poetry collections by Keith Howden Landscapes with Handless Man and by Brian Docherty Independence Day (Books) (added Feb 2015) Both poets are featured on our Picture the Poet page.
Anna Lewis's poem on Andre Breton's visit to Haiti Breadfruit is added to our poetry section. (Poetry) (added February 2015)

Issue 2 of Charlie looks at a Charlie Hebdo ancestor Hara Kiri. (Charlie) (added Jan 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Justin Martin's Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America's First Bohemians (NRB) (added Jan 2015)

Some slight changes to the main page. The poetry, prose and review sections are now identified and dragged out of the old Archive. Sections concerned with the original PP magazine now appear under that rubric. The old Gallery section is now renamed Charlie following the Hebdo incident. We should also mention a new feature - Picture the Poet - for groupies everywhere. PTP

Jim Burns reviews John Tytell's Writing Beat and Other Occasions of Literary Mayhem  and The Beat Interviews (NRB) (added Jan 2015)

Additions to the Fiction section - Luke Brown's An Inadequate Man - Francesca Baker's Jumbled Nuns and two stories added to Andrew Lee Hart's page Fading and My Lost Love  (Archive / Prose / Fiction) (added Jan 2015)

Jim Burns reviews Ta Ta Dada: The Real Life and Celestial Adventures of Tristan Tzara (NRB) (added Jan 2015)

Treading carefully around the cult of the personality we install a gallery of Penniless Press associated writers. It's a kind of celebrity innit? Picture the Poet (Archive / Poetry) (added Dec 2014)

Jim Burns reviews Paula Rabinowitz's American Pulp: How Paperbacks Brought Modernism to Main Street (NRB) (added Nov 2014)

Zsuzsanna Ozsváth reviews Survivors: Hungarian Jewish Poets of the Holocaust edited by Thomas Orszag Land (NRB) (added Nov 2014)

Jim Burns reviews a re-issue of Philip Callow's The Hosanna Man - his first novel which reappears after nearly 60 years in limbo (NRB) (added Oct 2014)

S. Kadison reviews James Kelman's A Lean Third (NRB) (added Oct 2014)

Jim Burns reviews Dave Gelly's account of Jazz in Britain An Unholy Row: Jazz in Britain and Its Audience 1945-1960 (NRB) (added September 2014)

S. Kadison's The Case of Comrade Norris is now on sale (Books) (added Sept 2014)

A short story by Isaac Swift Unnecessary Person (Archive / Prose) (added September 2014)

Jeff Bell adds four new poems to his page Jeff Bell Archive / Poetry (added August 2014)

Three books are added to the Penniless Press Publications page. Jim Burns' Artists, Beats & Cool Cats which was well reviewed in a recent Times Literary Supplement; Keith Howden's The Ship of Fools and Mark Ward's collection The Visitor's Book (Books) (added July 2014)

A short story by Andrew Lee-Hart  Touch (Prose) (added July 2014)

Jim Burns reviews Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern's The Golden Age Shtetl: A New History of Jewish Life in East Europe (NRB) (added June 2014)

Jim Burns reviews Hannah Greig's The Beau Monde: Fashionable Society in Georgian London (NRB) (added June 2014)

Four new poems are added to Jeff Bell's page (Archive /Poetry) added May 2014

Jim Burns reviews Amiri Baraka & Edward Dorn : The Collected Letters edited by Claudia Moreno Pisano (NRB) (added May 2014)

Jim Burns reviews Jordan Goodman's Paul Robeson: A Watched Man (NRB) (added April 2014)

Mark Our Words by Michael Lavalette & Peter Marsden will be launched in Preston on May 1st

Jim Burns reviews The Long Voyage - Selected Letters of Malcolm Cowley 1915-1987 (NRB) (added March 2014)

Alan Dent reviews Tom Leonard's new translation of Brecht's Mother Courage and Her Children (NRB) (added March 2014)

Pavol Janik's collection A Dictionary of Foreign Dreams (Archive / Poetry) (added February 2014)

Three Poems by Domenico Iannaco (Archive / Poetry) (added February 2014)

Jim Burns reviews Lewis Hartshorn's Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers and the case that Ignited McCarthyism (NRB) (added Feb 2014)

More additions to the Andras Mezei page Darling I Take My Leave translated by Thomas Orszag-Land (added January 2014)

Jim Burns reviews Pamela Kachurin's Making Modernism Soviet: The Russian Avant Garde in the Early Soviet Era 1918- 1928 (NRB) (added January 2014)

Five poems by William Bedford (Archive / Poetry) (added January 2014)

More poems by Andras Mezei translated by Thomas Orszag-Land are added to the Andras Mezei page (Archive / Poetry) (added January 2014)

Alan Dent reviews Philip Morowski's Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste (NRB) (added Jan 2014)

Four new books are added to the Penniless Press Publications page - Keith Howden's novel trilogy Godsman, New Found Lands and Hornyhorse and a new collection of poems by Ken Champion Cameo Metro (added January 2014)

Four poems by David Cooke are added to the Poetry section (added January 2014)

Jim Burns reviews Bird: The Life and Music of Charlie Parker by Chuck Haddix (NRB) (added Dec 2013)

Jim Burns reviews Paris Amsterdam Underground: Essays On Cultural Resistance, Subversion, And Diversion Edited by Christopher Lindner and Andrew Hussey (NRB) (added December 2013)

Jim Burns reviews Anne Edwards Leaving Home: A Hollywood Blacklisted Writer's Years Abroad (NRB) (added November 2013)

Jim Burns reviews Peter Vachers Mixed Messages: American Jazz Stories (NRB) (added Oct 2013)

Jim Burns reviews Loren Glass's Counter-Culture Colophon: Grove Press, The Evergreen Review and the Incorporation of the Avant-Garde (NRB) (added Sept 2013)

The PPP books page has been re-jigged and a whole slew (if that's the right collective noun) of new stuff has been added. Give it a look BOOKS (added September 2013)

Jim Burns returns to Bohemia in a review of Daniell Cottom's International Bohemia: Scenes of 19th Century Life (NRB) (added August 2013)

The Collected Works of the great Polish plumber / poet Stefan Jaruzleski is added to PPP books (Books) (added August 2013)

Alan Dent's play The Joy of Banking is now available from Penniless Press Publications (Books) (added August 2013)

Jeff Bell adds to his poetry page Jeff Bell (Archive / Poetry) (added August 2013)

Jim Burns reviews John Calder's The Garden of Eros: The Story of the Paris Expatriates and the Post War Literary Scene (NRB) (added August 2013)

Sara Clark's dialect tour de force Member Me (Archive / Prose / Fiction) (added July 2013)

Alan Dent reviews Rodney Ackland's Too Clever By Half performed at The Royal Exchange Manchester (Theatre) (added July 2013)

Jim Burns reviews Prague, Capital of the Twentieth Century: A Surrealist History by Derek Sayer (NRB) (added June 2013)

Two new additions to PPP books: Keith Howden's ten hermetic dialogues Self-Dissolve and Jim Burns latest collection Bohemians, Beats and Blues People (PPP Books) (added June 2013)

Is Kadison a real person or a collective (like Dumas père et fils)? Yet another story Personal Best is added - and it's in K's strongest genre - Education and its vicissitudes. A new collection will appear soon - so it's got to be a team (Prose / Fiction) (added May 2013)

Thomas Land is interviewed by David Cuscó on The Holocaust and Reconciliation (NRB) (added May 2013)

Jim Burns reviews British Writers and MI5 Surveillance 1930-1960 by James Smith (NRB) (added May 2013)

Sound comes to the PP website. Keith Howden reads his Gospels of St Belgrano with sound effects by his son Matthew Howden. Click on Belgrano button

Jim Burns reviews Sophie Parkin's The Colony Room Club 1948-2008: A History of Bohemian Soho (NRB) (added May 2013)

The indefatigable S. Kadison produces yet another story to add to his growing oeuvre The Northern Mistake (Prose / Fiction) (added April 2013)

Sophie Parkin announces: I'll be Leeds and Harrogate at the weekend doing a free slideshow and talk on the characters and scandalous stories not in the book
Leeds City Art Gallery on Sunday 2.30pm. Sat, 7pm Harrogate 108 fine art gallery be great if you can let people know on your website this week. Details below.
Jim Burns will review this later in the NRB (added April 8 2013)

Jim Burns reviews two books on Yiddish poets From Our Springtime: Literary Memoirs and Portraits of Yiddish New York and Proletpen: America's Rebel Yiddish Poets (NRB) (added April 2013)

Keith Howden's Gospels of Saint Belgrano now added to PPP Books (added March 2103)

The latest Kadison Anatomy and Destiny is added (Prose / Fiction) (added March 2013)

An hilarious neglected masterpiece emerges. Keith Howden's Gospels of Saint Belgrano was considered by big name publishers who got too scared to take it on. Now, many years later it re-surfaces (unlike the Belgrano). The irascible, irreverent ramblings of a crazy old barfly, Birdy Horobin, a mixture of Kaspar Hauser, Karl Pilkington (Riki Gervais's sidekick) and Rameau's Nephew. Your pub may not have the amenity of such a fascinating sage - so read the Gospels and marvel.

S. Kadison's latest Erotic Capital is added (Archive / Prose / Fiction) (added March 2013)

Alan Dent's review of Ken Nicols' latest offering (Historic Events) is added to the Ken Nicol page (Book) (added March 2103)

The latest Kadison Nos Amis Fideles (Archive / Prose / Fiction) (added Feb 2013)

Tony McKenna's story The Strange Case of the Dog on the Underground (Archive / Prose / Fiction) (added Feb 2013)

Youssef Rakha's analysis of the Egyptian revolution The Revolution for Real is added to Books (Books) (added Feb 2013)

New to PP we welcome Jeff Bell whose Poems are added (Poetry) (added Feb 2013)

Ken Nicol's new collection of songs Historic Events will be reviewed soon by Alan Dent (Books) (added Feb 2013)

Jim Burns reviews The Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Deal Left by Landon R.Y. Storrs (NRB) (added Feb 2013)

Fresh from his publication of two fine collections (see Books) S. Kadison does it again with a great story of provincial corruption with Riding Like Lance Armstrong (Prose) (added Jan 2013)

Jim Burns reviews A Communist Odyssey: The Life of Jozsef Pogany by Thomas Sakmyster (NRB) (added Nov 2012)

Jim Burns reviews a Sven Berlin exhibition and a book Sven Berlin: Out of the Shadows (NRB) (added Nov 2012)

CDs of the Anti-Capitalist Roadshow are on offer (Books) (added November 2012)

Two new collections of stories by S. Kadison are added to PPP editions God's Laboratories and Let's Kill the Teacher (Books) (added Nov 2012)

Jim Burns reviews books on Dada : Dada in Paris, An Audience of Artists and Max Jacob's The Seaweed's Secret (NRB) (added Oct 2012)

Alan Dent reviews a recent performance of The Heretic by Richard Bean (Theatre) (added October 2012)

Thomas Land reviews Hungary Between Democracy and Authoritarianism (NRB) (added September 2012)

Jim Burns reviews John Sbardellati's J. Edgar Hoover Goes to the Movies - The F.B.I. and the Origins of Hollywood's Cold War (NRB) (added August 2012)

Even on the verge of publishing two fat volumes of stories S.Kadison still finds time to knock out a 43,000 words novella (which may get even bigger) Pongo. (Prose) (added 2012) Surely the Balzac de nos jours.

Jim Burns reviews a recent exhibition at the Penlee Gallery Another Cornwall (NRB) (added July 2012)

Alexis Lykiard shoots down Rowan Williams & Fiona Sampson's attempt to grapple with the language of faith and poetry. Piety in the Sky, Poetry in the Air (Archive/ Poetry) (added July 2012)

Thomas Land reviews The Odyssey of Samuel Glass (NRB) (added June 2012)

Jim Burns reviews Bill Mohr's Hold Outs: The Los Angeles Poetry Renaissance (NRB) (added May 2012)

Dai Vaughan's story Trap Door (Archive/ Prose/ Fiction) (added May 2012)

Jim Burns reviews Renegade: Henry Miller and the Making of Tropic of Cancer by Frederick Turner (NRB) (added April 2012)

Jim Burns reviews Night Thoughts: The Surreal Life of the Poet David Gascoyne (NRB) (added April 2012)

Alan Dent reviews a recent production of Strindberg's Miss Julie at the Royal Exchange Manchester (Archive / Reviews / Theatre) added April 2012

Yet another story from the indefatigable S. Kadison Mozzarella Pasta Penne (Archive / Prose) (added April 2012)

The latest Kadison story A Victim (Prose) (added March 2012)

Thomas Land's poem Stateless "adapted from the French of François Villon and the Hungarian of György Faludy" (Archive / Poetry) (added March 2012)

Part one of a brand new (and substantial) Kadison story A Floor (Prose) (added March 2012)

Jim Burns' latest volume of essays Brits, Beats and Outsiders is now published by Penniless Press Publications (Books / PPP) (added March 2012)

Two new poems from Fiona Sinclair Inherited Friend and How to Shock the Unshockable (Poetry) (added Feb 2012)

The latest Kadison is installed A Friendship (Prose) (added Feb 2012)

Jim Burns reviews three novels from the 50s Baron's Court: All Change by Terry Taylor, The Furnished Room by Laura Del-Rivo and Adrift in Soho by Colin Wilson - all in the Beats, Bums and Bohemians series by New London Editions (NRB) (added Jan 2012)

The latest Kadison is added to the vast complete stories A Nazi Helmet (Prose) (added Jan 2012)

Jim Burns reviews An Army of Phantoms: American Movies and the Making of the Cold War by J. Hoberman (NRB) (added Jan 2012)

Jim Burns reviews American Letters : Jackson Pollock & Family (NRB) (added Dec 2011)

Jeff Tikari joins our elite band of fiction writers with Compelling Persuasions A Tale from Rural India (Prose / Fiction) (added Dec 2011)

Thomas Land reviews Zsuzsanna Ozsváth's When the Danube Ran Red (NRB) (added Dec 2011)

An addition to Thomas Land's poetry page Irene's Siege (Poetry) (added December 2011)

William Park looks at the Japanese horror film phenomenon Japanese Horror Films (Prose / Art) (added December 2011)

Yet another story from S. Kadison Nye Bevan is Dead, Dad (Prose) (added December 2011)

See (and hear) PP editor Alan Dent's oration against the public sector pension cuts at Preston
last Wednesday (Nov 30).Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8_WAGQXcgc&feature=colike

We're trying out a site search engine powered by Google. The site is so big that this should be a boon. Give it a try (Search) (added December 2011)

Alan Dent reviews Union by Paul Summers (NRB) (added November 2011)

Alan Dent reveals playwriting as another of his Protean manifestations. See his Sex, Love and Property (Archive / Prose) (added November 2011)

Penniless Press Publications adds Alexis Lykiard's translation of Pierre Mac Orlan's Masochists in America. Also added are more details of Jim Burn's Essays Radicals. Beats and Beboppers (Books) (added November 2011)

Jim Burns reviews David Kastin's Nica's Dream: The Life and Legend of the Jazz Baroness
(NRB) (added November 2011)

A new Kadison story A Distant Country (added November 2011)

Two new poems by Fiona Sinclair The Quiet Room and Found (Poerty) (added October 2011)

S. Kadison adds two more sections to The Ruined Innocence of Johnny Colquhoun bringing this saga up to 33000 words. Another story The Judge is also added (added August 2011)

Jim Burns reviews the latest biography of the English romantic painter John Craxton (NRB) (added August 2011)

A revised part III increases the size of S Kadison's The Ruined Innocence of Johnny Colquhoun bringing this story up to 21,000 words. And it's not finished yet. This may turn out to be SK's Jean Santeuil (added August 2011)

Two new poets. David Riley Abandoning Archeology and Michael Bartholomew-Biggs Falling Bodies and Intourist (Archive / Poetry) (added July 2011)

Jim Burns reviews Lawrence P. Jackson's The Indignant Generation: A Narrative History of African American Writers and Critics 1934 - 1960 (NRB) (added July 2011)

Kadison brings his (her?) total up to 72 stories with Any Old Afternoon and is well on track to beat Maupassant (Prose / Fiction) (added July 2011)

Peter Day reviews Angela France's poetry collection Occupation (Reviews) (added July 2011)

The latest Kadison Eunuchs Don't Have Babies (Prose / Fiction) (added June 2011)

Four Stories from Israel by Zohar Teshatok (Prose / Fiction) (added June 2011)

The latest S. Kadison The Ruined Innocence of Johnny Colquhoun (Prose / Fiction) added June 2011

Penniless Press Publications is a new venture designed to make available work by PP contributors (or any other worthy source). The books will be sold at cost and undercut even Amazon on which they will also be listed. We kick off with a new selection of essays by Jim Burns - Radicals, Beats and Beboppers. (PPP) (added May 2011)

A new story by Ken Champion - George - is added to his collection (Prose/ Fiction) (added May 2011)

Jim Burns reviews Artists on the Edge: The Rise of Coastal Artists' Colonies 1880-1920 (NRB) (added May 2011)

A story by a new contributor from St Petersburg - Andrew Demkin The Old Man and the Cat (Prose/ Fiction) (added May 2011)

Andrew Pidoux's stories The Greatest Sex Pervert Ever and Simple (Prose / Fiction) (added May 2011)

Jim Burns reviews Becoming Americans in Paris: Transatlantic Politics and Culture Between the World Wars (NRB) (added April 2011)

Jim Burns reviews Gender and Activism in a Little Magazine: Modern Figures in The Masses by Rachel Schrieber (NRB) (added April 2011)

Six new Kadisons include Demobbed, The Likes of Us, Malcolm Lowry and the Beautiful Boy, The Man in the Mirror, The Price on His Head, and Worthless Lives. (Prose) (added April 2011)

We understand some readers think we're dead - or at least a museum - due to the word Archive on our first page. We are not dead. The flourishing NRB section is disproof enough. We welcome new contributions in fiction, poetry and essay form just as the old paper magazine did. And being on-line they can be any length, published immediately and looked at world-wide by our extensive readership - 36000 unique visitors last year alone.

Thomas Land reviews Julie Orringer's The Invisible Bridge (NRB) (added March 2011)

Thomas Land reviews Gyorgy Faludy's 37 Poems and My Happy Days in Hell (NRB) (added March 2011)

Jim Burns reviews Mark Cohen's Missing a Beat: The Rants and Regrets of Seymour Krim in NRB (added March 2011)

Jim Burns reviews Bill Birch's Keeper of the Flame: Modern Jazz in Manchester 1946-1972 in NRB (added March 2011)

Joe Urso revises his story The Colosseum (Prose) (added Feb 2011)

Jim Burns reviews Brother-Souls: John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac, and The Beat Generation in the NRB (added Feb 2011)

Three new Kadisons A Good Report, Stitched and My Idea of Happiness (Prose) (added Feb 2011)

Three new poems by Fiona Sinclair are added to her poem from PP26 - Poems (Poetry) (added Feb 2011)

Joe Urso updates his story Summa Vita (Prose) (added Feb 2011)

Dai Vaughan's story Ghost (Prose) (added Jan 2011)

Quite a lot has been added. Too much to list - check the Archive indexes. One important addition which should be mentioned is George Garrett's previously unpublished play Flowers and Candles (Prose) (added Dec 2010)

Reconstruction begins with the migration from the Annexe to the Archive. Just added is a new batch of short short stories by S. Kadison whose entire output is now indexed on one page S Kadison Complete Short Stories (Archive / Prose) (added Dec 2010)

Our new main page suggests something's new - but what? Well The Penniless Press Issue 28 was the last incarnation of the paper magazine. It now becomes an Archive but will remain active publishing new stuff, as before, and adding more from the paper magazine series which ran from Issue 1 in 1995. The site will be rationalised and improved piecemeal - the Annexe will be incorporated in the Archive with a new route map and index through the site's vast offering. Stay tuned. (Dec 2010)

We draw readers' attention to Alexis Lykiard's latest collection of haiku Haiku at Seventy - available from Anarchios Press PO Box 619 Exeter EX1 9JE (Coming Up) (added Nov 2010)

Jim Burns reviews a biography of St Ives artist Bryan Wynter (NRB) (added Nov 2010)

NRB is getting up to speed with two more reviews by Thomas Land Enemies of the People and This Room in the Sunlight (NRB) (added Oct 2010)

Reviews have always been a strongpoint of PP. We have developed this on the website to give more space and a quicker response with our new section The Northern Review of Books which kicks off with a great review of Benjamin Balint's book on Norman Podhoretz's magazine Commentary.: Running Commentary.  This, the first review in the new format, is by Jim Burns. (NRB) (added Oct 2010)

The indefatigable S Kadison - surely the Maupassant de nos jours adds two more stories Defeating Finney and A Lovely Idea (Annexe) (added Oct 2010)

Another Kadison Pure Poetry (Annexe) (added Sept 2010)

Two new Kadisons Corned Beef Hash and Standards (Annexe) (added August 2010)

Alan Dent reflects on the legacy of Jimmy Reid and its implications for modern poetry in Jimmy Reid and the Cowardice of Contemporary Poetry (Annexe) (added August 2010)

Martin Espada's Walking dedicated to Howard Zin (Annexe) (added August 2010)

New poems and a crit of poet/bankers from Kim Taplin, Ed Whyman, Merryn Williams and Martin Green (Annexe) (added August 2010)

Kadison adds another tale of class war in the class room with Ginger Snap (Annexe) (added Aug 2010)

The latest Kadison - Biological Rights - looks at a lustful, power-hungry pair of women teachers - yep, an everyday story of life in academe (Annexe) (added July 2010)

Alan Dent recalls his early days in Cumbria and speculates on the urban alienation manifested in Derrick Bird's recent homicidal spree in One Day in Whitehaven (Annexe) (added July 2010)

A new Kadison explores the horrors of a teacher's life in Adios Zapata (Annexe) (added June 2010)

Jim Barrass speculates on The Inexorable Rise of Absolutely Bugger All (Annexe)

Peter Harris writes about Surrealism, Trotsky and Me (Annexe) (added March 2010)

Jack Debney's poem Covenant (Annexe) (added March 2010)

We add to Jim Burns' essay on Henry Roth the Afterword to the 1964 paperback edition of Call It Sleep by Walter Allen (Archive/Prose) (added February 2010)

Nigel Jarrett's jazz story Nights at the Misty Morning (Annexe) (added January 2010)

S. Kadison's latest The Posh Girl and the Oik is added to the oeuvres complets (Annexe) (added Jan 2010)

We trail the contents of the current issue 27 and add a subscription form (Coming Up)

Alexis Lykiard re-writes his great Dunciad rant Questions Time and adds 9 new poems to his page in the Annexe (added Dec 2009)

We have added a subscribe by credit card facility for those who find envelopes, stamps and a schlepp to the postbox too much of a hassle. (Contacts)

A great survey of the poetry scene in the North East - North East Poetry - Debunking Some Myths by Keith Armstrong (Annexe) (added November 2009)

The indefatigable Kadison does it again with A Sound Investment & Talking to the Dead (Annexe) (added November 2009)

More Kadisons Katie Jameson  -  On Y Va and Subjective Evidence (Annexe) (added October 2009)

Yet another Kadison (is this the reincarnated Maupassant?) Kim Rigard's Complaint (Annexe) (added October 2009)

Four new poems by Mike Barlow - Prospect Street, Tremors, The Balcony, The Logic of Wires (Poetry) (added October 2009)

A new Kadison story Castillos en España (Annexe) (Added October 2009)

Five new stories by Ken Champion are added to his page. Art House, Religious Affairs, Fracture, The Beat Years and Semiology - this last appeared in PP23 but all the others are new to PP readers. (Annexe) (added October 2009)

Alexis Lykiard adds a valedictory squib  Buddy Language, on the Blair/Bush road-show, which is already starting to seem as distant as the reign of the Emperor Caligula (Annexe) (added September 2009) We also draw attention to Alexis's new website at http://www.alexislykiard.com

Ken Champion's latest story Buntah is added to what we hope will become a collection (Annexe) (added August 2009)

Alan Dent reviews John Murray's The Legend of Liz and Joe (Coming Up) (added Aug 2009)

A new Kadison story EH? (Annexe) (added August 2009)

John Murray's new novel The Legend of Liz and Joe plus links to his webpage and a recorded interview and reading (Coming Up) (added August 2009)

Material related to the imminent Issue 27 includes Contents, Reviews, and Editorial (added August 2009)

Peter Faulkner on Philip Lamantia: An American Original (Annexe) (added July 2009)

Alexis Lykiard adds to his dysphoric memoires de la vie litteraire with a great squib on poetry readings A Winsome Woman - How glad northern oiks must feel to have spent their lives in factory. (Annexe) (added July 2009)

Ken Champion's new story Vic (Annexe) (added June 2009)

Alan Dent reviews poetry by William Wantling Only in the Sun and the Fix (Coming Up) (added May 2009)

Two new poems by Alexis Lykiard Song of Senex the Cynic and Mercenary Colonials plus a major revision to Our Latest Logomachia (Poetry) (added May 2009)

Alan Dent reviews Andy Croft's latest collection Sticky (Coming Up) (added May 2009)

Alan Dent comments on Carol Anne Duffy's beatification in the Editorial to PP27 while Chas and Benny discuss other possibles in our additions to the Gallery (Coming Up) and (Gallery) (added May 2009)

The phenomenologist Maurice Merleau Ponty analyses the paintings of Cezanne in Cezanne's Doubt (Annexe) (added April 2009)

Alan Dent gives an insider's critical view on what's wrong with Education in Dr Prosser's Remedy (Annexe) (added April 2009)

Poems by Miklos Radnoti translated by Thomas Orszag-Land - Deathmarch (Annexe) (Added April 2009)

Do you really want to be a famous poet? Alexis Lykiard gives a horrible warning in his New Grub Street Revisited Taking the Poetry Road and Having a Poetic Time in the Sun (Annexe) (added March 2009)

The latest Kadison story Mozart and Michael Jackson (Annexe) (added March 2009)

Two more gems from the recently discovered oik genius Ray Blyde. His fine memoir My Life in Print and a short monlogue The Cypher (Annexe) (added March 2009)

Our BOOKS section has been slowly growing without comment but we feel we must announce the appearance of the 400 page Penniless Press Reader - a selection from issues 1 to 26 for those who never saw the originals (now quite unobtainable) have lost them or who, having misplaced their magnifying glass, simply struggle with that odd font.

Alan Dent reviews True Love Lies at the Manchester Royal Exchange (Theatre) (added Feb 2009)

A new voice, Ray Blyde, is heard after 80 years of neglect. His Selected Poems are translated from the original oik with an introduction by Ken Clay (Annexe) (added February 2009)

Poems by Thomas Orszag-Land - the translator of Andras Mezei's Holocaust poems which appear elsewhere on this site. (Annexe) (added Feb 2009)

Several new squibs from Alexis Lykiard are added to his poetry page (Annexe) (added Feb 2009)

Kadison's latest All You Need Is Love is a literary parable which crashes northern oik aspiration into metropolitan celebrity. (Annexe) (added 2009)

The latest Kadsion school story Runt (Annexe) (added Dec 2008)

John Hartley Williams translates La Baisse du Franc and La Stabilisation du Franc  by Benjamin Péret and adds his own gloss in The Fall of the Pound (Coming Up) (added Dec 2008)

Ambit appeals for subscribers following reduction in Arts Council grant (Coming Up) (Added Dec 2008)

Alexis Lykiard wrestles with the bane of poets - printers - in An Embattled Book (Archive/Poetry) (added December 2008)

Some Poetry additions - the Complete PP Peter Faulkner is added as are Fred Voss, Mike Barlow and Tanner's latest poems (Archive/Poetry) added November 2008

Five poems by David Betteridge (Annexe) (added November 2008)

We thought (hoped?) Jaruzelski was dead but instead he's famous. His new TV soap Londynczyzy will be transmitted soon (Annexe) (Added Oct 2008)

Three (!) new Kadsion stories Bramley and Trickson These Days and Management (Annexe) (added October 2008)

Alexis Lykiard writes about the American novelist Chandler Brossard (Annexe) (added October 2008)

Our infrequent correspondent Sonia Treadgold (nee Whitehouse?) reports symptoms of cultural decline among the student population in The Lodger (Letters) (added October 2008)

In man bites dog mode Alexis Lykiard savages lit critics in new long poem Questions Time. A Dunciad for our times? (Annexe) (added Oct 2009)

Our page on Anatole Broyard is consistently one of the most visited. We add to this an unpublished letter by Alexis Lykiard which throws light on Broyard and his feud with Chandler Brossard. Bossard & Broyard (Archive / Prose) (added Oct 2008)

In a short letter Charles Bukowski reflects on life and poetry in a letter we attach to Alexis Lykiard's earlier biog - On the Art of Writing Poetry (Annexe) (added Oct 2008)

Yet more from the prolific S. Kadison (does this person have a day job?) The Far End of the East Lancs Road (Annexe) (added Oct 2008)

A new Kadsion short story Linda Rosewall is Dead (Annexe) (added Sept 2008)

A short story by Tom Kilcourse The Professional Musician (Annexe) (added Sept 2008)

Ron Horsefield reports on France in Memoires of a Tourist (Annexe) (added Sept 2008)

Reviews from Issue 26 (Archive / Reviews) (added Aug 2008)

Jacques Prevert's hilarious Family Mementoes or the Slavedriving Angel translated by Alexis Lykiard (Annexe) (added August 2008)

Kadison's latest horror story Somethin Bad (Annexe) (added August 2008)

Ken Champion's short story Semiology (Archive/Prose/Fiction) (added August 2008)

Andras Mezei's poems Testimony: Voices of the Holocaust translated by Thomas Land (Annexe) (added August 2008)

Alan Dent reviews Edward McKinnon's Killing Time in Arcadia, Martin Epada's Crucifixion in the Plaza de Armas, and Jon Anderson's Seeds of Fire (Reviews) (added Aug 2008)

Another front-line report from the battlefield which is Education. S. Kadison's Your Mum (Annexe) (added Aug 2008)

Alan Dent's theatre reviews are now collected on a new page - Theatre (added July 2008)

Seven New Poems by David Craig (Annexe) (added July 2008)

The prolific S. Kadison imagines an educational dystopia unrecognisable to any New Labour pedagogue in Lets Kill the Teacher (Annexe) (added July 2008)

S. Kadison's latest story Lapdancing in the Gulag (Annexe) (added June 2008)

Alexis Lykiard's memento mori and search for Malcolm Lowry Sixties Time (Annexe) (added June 2008)

Tanner's poetry from Issues 24 & 25 (Archive/Poetry) (added June 2008)

Fred Voss's three poems from Issue 25 - The Role of a Lifetime, Zappos and One Hair's Breadth Away (Archive/Poetry) (added June 2008)

The Editorial to the Forthcoming Issue 26 (Coming Up) (added June 2008)

John Hartley Williams critique of the TS Eliot lecture of 2004 by Don Paterson No Rhyme No Reason (Archive/Poetry) (added May 2008)

John White's essay The British Way of Life from issues 3 & 4 (Archive/Prose/Politics) (added May 2008)

Jack Debney's story Out Goes the Bonny One (Archive/Prose/Fiction) (added May 2008)

Bob Beagrie's poem Premature Resurrection (Archive/Poetry) (added May 2008)

Selections from James McGonigal & Hamish Whyte's Virtual Memories (Archive/Poetry) (added May 2008)

Tom Wood's story Buttocks and Erections from Issue 4 (Archive/Prose/Fiction) (added May 2008)

Fran Virgo's squib on the Literary life today Heigh-ho-on-Wye (Coming Up) (added May 2008)

The missing first page of Andy Edge's story Room on Top is now added (Prose/Fiction) (added May 2008)

The latest Kadison story Birtwhistle & Beethoven Just Won't Do (Annexe) (added May 2008)

Alan Dent reviews Leon Rosselson's recording -  A Proper State (Archive/Reviews) (added May 2008)

Alexis Lykiard latest collection Unholy Empires is now available (Coming Up) (added April 2008) see also Men of Straw, Was the Butler Sore?, Our Latest Logomachia and Episode in the War Against Error from this collection and on Alexis's page on this site.

Tom Kelly's series of Geordie poems (Annexe) (added April 2008)

S. Kadison's latest story THE STICKLER (Annexe) (added April 2008)

DHL considered his Introduction to Memoires of the Foreign Legion by Maurice Magnus his best writing as writing (Annexe) (added April 2008)

D.H. Lawrence's Autobiographical Sketch (Annexe) (added April 2008)

Chapters 39 & 40 of Dan Billany's The Trap (Annexe) (added April 2008)

Chapter VIII of Alexander Baron's novel From the City from the Plough (Annexe) (added April 2008)

Alexis Lykiard's review of Bukowski's Novels originally appeared in Jim Burns' magazine Palantir in 1981 (Annexe) (added April 2008)

Alan Dent reviews the Library Theatre Manchester production of David Edgar's Testing the Echo (Theatre) (added March 2008)

Alan Dent reviews a Manchester Royal Exchange production of Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour (Theatre) (added March 2008)

Alan Dent reviews a recent production of Waiting for Godot (Theatre) (added 2008)

We replace the now redundant poster for Liber8 with Ken Clay's review of that event. (Coming Up) (added March 2008)

Alan Dent reviews the Collected Poems of Alun Lewis (Archive/Reviews) (added Feb 2008)

Yet another story from the prolific pen of S Kadison Guilty. Is this a real person or some infernal literary machine such as the Dumas co-operative or, in our own day, Jim Patterson? (Annexe) (added Feb 2008)

John Daniel's memoir Grown Up War is completed - (Annexe) (added Feb 2008)

In our progress towards Viz magazine we float Gallery - a subtitled selection of pix (added Feb 2008)

A further instalment of John Daniel's Memoire adds to his opening chapter (Annexe) (added Feb 2008)

Andrew Darlington's story Derek Edge Declares Peace is finally completed and added in Archive/Prose (added Feb 2008)

Two Stories by Joe Urso The Colosseum and Summa Vita (Annexe) (added Feb 2008)

Alan Dent reviews the  Royal Exchange version of ROOTS (Coming Up) (Added Feb 2008)

Four Poems by R.L. Hughes (Coming Up) (added Jan 2008)

The latest Kadison story TITBIT (Annexe) (added Jan 2008)

A squib on the Hain debacle Fly Away Peter in Coming Up (added Jan 2008)

Review of Allison McVety's collection The Night Trotsky Came to Stay (Archive/Reviews) (added Dec 2007)

Two new Kadison stories Pedder's Plan and The Seducer's Tricks (Annexe) (added Dec 2007)

An Introduction to the Spanish poet Jose Luis Gallego (added Dec 2007)

Ellen Karatzaferi's story set in Nazi occupied Greece A Loaf of Bread (added Dec 2007)

Alan Dent looks again at the radical playwright in Clifford Odets and the American Theatre (added Dec 2007)

Bill Griffiths, in a piece worthy of HP Lovecraft, describes a Geordie town taken over by The Psychic Fifth (added Dec 2007) 

Norman Jope writes about his affair with supermodel Claudia Schiffer - An Accessible Venus (added Dec 2007) 

Frederick Lightfoot sees his family anew following the death of dad - Family Portrait (added Dec 2007) 

Elizabeth Howkins' funny short story set in a surgeons' canteen - Bon Appetit (added Dec 2007) 

Andy Edge describes the traumas of office life against the backdrop of Czecho '68 - Room on Top (added Dec 2007) 

David Craig's short account of trek in the Lake District Last Suppers - Wainwright it ain't (added Dec 2007) 

John Lucas gives a fascinating tour d’horizon of the plight of fin-de-siecle Reds (fin de 20th century that is) in his letter On Radicals, Freedom, And The Need Of Being Awkward (see Letters). The ongoing discussion with the editor concerned the now notorious issue 23 which had no attributions. If you feel like chipping in to this barney then write. (added Dec 2007) 

The mad Polish plumber poet Stefan Jaruzelski argues against Sarko’s savage attack on French pensions in The Condition of the Working Class in France (see Archive / Prose / Fiction – surely a category mistake?). His encyclopaedic knowledge of the lesser known corners of 19th century French Lit astounds as always. (added Dec 2007) 

The complete reviews from the forthcoming Issue 25 are on site – including poetry by Jim Burns, Mike Barlow and Andy Croft whose Ghost Writer is now in print after appearing exclusively on the site. Reviews also cover Alexis Lykiard’s latest update on Jean Rhys and a new collection Judging by Disappearances. (added Dec 2007)

A new contributor Rick Brown appears in Coming Up with his poem Highgate. (added Dec 2007)

Another new voice is Martin Domleo whose poem Old Bill will appear in issue 25 out shortly. (Coming Up) (added Dec 2007)

Editor Alan Dent reviews the Manchester Royal Exchange production of A Conversation  by David Williamson (Theatre) (added Nov 2007)

A new section BOOKS provides links to small press publishers and Amazon to help anyone wishing to read more of our contributors’ work. This section is vestigial at the moment – something of a building site – but will expand soon with the launch of Penniless Press Publications. (added Nov 2007)

I suppose we should, logically, announce here the installation of What’s New. And, at the risk of getting entangled in a self-referential paradox or infinite regress, also announce the announcement…(this is getting silly! Ed) (added Dec 2007) We do, however, identify the originators of this page in Some Website Failings (Letters) (added Dec 2007)